The Bright side of the Moon

album: The Bright Side of the Moon
genre: WolF Weirdness
streams: 1,700

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Not much !!     AwwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooo !!!!
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Perhaps this could be my theme song??It's the only vocals I can do...... Well,what can I say...... It could really use some of the super guitar talent I hear...
The Bright side of the Moon
02/16/14 04:54:04PM @tlt50:
Yvonne.....I do recall that *howl*
06/23/13 06:58:59PM @catherine-hill:
Too cool for school Larry.. Awesome!!!!
01/09/11 11:37:44AM @mark-cloutier:
Groovy stuff man--love the howling intro! synths ,keys,bass,has it all--get down with this for sure! that low synth is extra cool!! we should collab some time larry!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 12:24:44AM @incarnate-word:
Dude this is Great. yes this would be killer with some electric guitar. its great as is and Guitar would be like iceing on a perfect cake. yes this has a wolf theme all over it. Great Job!
12/18/08 05:41:04PM @josephrodz:
Awesome sound and rythm.
Great production.

07/10/08 08:39:38AM @tcp:
yeah LT...fine grooving throughout. Love those splashes of keyboard work and the rhythm to go with it. Your movement of elements in and out of the soundfield is so great. The care you take with arrangements is always so obvious. And wonderful playing too. Love this bro! ~Blake
03/30/08 12:44:54PM @sterlingstudios:
damn fine tune my man.......haunting is a good way to describe it.

i re-uploaded my wolf tune if you'd care to check it out.

keep the tunage coming bro.


05/03/08 09:36:36PM @henry-tarnecky:
Larry ... your a trip man ... imaginative muscial excellence ... you've laid down a tasteful rhythmic groove to serve as a wonderful playground for some pro sound injections and of course well thought out theatrical mystery. Loved it!
02/23/08 10:06:06AM @hook-tree-road:
Bright side of the moon, great title.

Great stuff hear, full sonic soundscape with a cool groove and great melodic lines. So much music on this piece. woot

01/28/08 02:42:11PM @brian-mattson:
Wow, don't know what to say except you are alwyas full of surprises. Very creative, and I applaud your experimental side. I love the howl too!!!
10/20/10 12:55:20PM @mark-reed:
This has some great ideas running throughout. The piece is well worked and composed. This kept me glued, great piece well done
12/21/07 12:55:49AM @ab2:
eheheee...Wow....howl............. what a vocal...:-) Seriously, this is one hot piece of music...Like it lots, infact i`m gonna play it again..:-) we go again..
Love the little sinister touch that weaves in and out...and love the way it kicks at around 2.48ish and a suprise oriental touch at the end, very nice...Yeah.....Well worth the listen..:-)

Luv n hugs Mags...xx :-)

Merry Christmas...:-)

Doctor C
12/05/07 10:34:29PM @doctor-c:
Another magical experience. Smooth, tasteful and elegant. Every bit of sound has its place, role and function here ultimately defining a fabulous big picture. Sonic delight!
11/30/07 06:38:03PM @the-deep:
_Seriously Excellent !!!

11/16/07 06:57:14AM @dazed:
Love the howl!!

This has that turn the lights down, blare the tune and throw a strobe light in. Let the drinks flow and just dance. Very cool sounds and I love how the tune just has that solid "drive" feel.


Rob Grant
11/18/07 06:45:39PM @rayon-vert:
This too, has that Passport beat-feel to it. Nice upbeat intense track. Loved the bass theme throughout the song. Great percussion beat transitions. GREAT TRACK!!
Thanks for Sharing your music :-)

11/25/07 04:39:32AM @robert-smith:
Love the mood on this! Cool stuff - I could listen to stuff like this all day.


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