Double Impact

album: ~Taste of the Wolf~
genre: WolF Weirdness / vibes
streams: 1,796

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Hmmm'.........Some sort of *ACID type Jazz funky-**** groove goin' on.  Lots of samples,,, some Roland Fantom X6 ..Performed....arranged and edited...
Double Impact
11/08/10 08:29:00PM @genghisken:
Out *&^%ing STANDING!!! this is soooo funky my friend! Just heard this on the ride with Big pete, and!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 12:35:44AM @incarnate-word:
Damn! this one caught me like get it together. love the funky vibe here. oh man killer at 49 sec and its like, Damn! this has it going on. Love the horns. dude you have a wicked Genius Creative Music Direction. Excellent . Love all the changes in this.
02/24/10 11:19:58PM @1-aztlan-nation-mr-mx1:
new jack city intro and Classical overall sound. Keep it up and moving I can see how the sequences work out for your style of music. Unlike any in your league. Also has a taste of every genere somehow, keep it up and get it to some djs out there.
05/22/09 01:48:16PM @baracasa:
in the intro, it had a sweet techno feel , until it got in to the melody, very crafty!, i like how you shifted the mix!, great job
02/20/09 08:52:02PM @piperon:
Wow, acidic and addictive, the funkyness is also very persistance. I like the way you mixed those gorgeous sound together in such a neat way. Your creativeness and talent is without doubt the essence of your music delivery. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
01/29/09 11:32:17PM @josephrodz:
Believe it or not this track is in my station, because the tune kikazz.
and 5/5 for you brother Larry!

Farrell Jackson
01/12/09 10:25:48AM @farrell-jackson:
Cool Larry! I just had to check out the title Acid Jazz and I'm glad I did. Very creative uses here! I love all the DJ type sounds you have in here. The drums are excellent! Well done!

BTW, thanks for the good words on Another Year!


01/02/09 02:11:18PM @mri:
wow Acid Jazz is right. like funk jazz & art of noise. this song is almost like a jackson pollock painting in that there is so much going on so much interlacing of weaving textures and sploches of funkytown

Also has a herbie-hancock feel circa RockIt. Thanks for making it a download i am grabbing it right now.

12/20/08 02:41:01AM @king-cake:
Cool! wicked groove!Nice clean recording
02/07/11 01:38:19AM @c-factor:
Nice Groove, I'm really feeling this one!!
10/21/10 08:13:25AM @mark-reed:
Great little piece, loved how you worked between the heavy guitar intro, into a very funky jazz feel. You have a very creative piece of music with this work. Well done
Luca Wulf
04/23/08 11:33:58AM @huge-artist:
Ah,now this one I know by another name.
Interesting to come at from the other way,hearing the track that inspired the Night Games.
Yes can see why Joe was onto this one.
Excellent composition mate.
Funk is not normaly my cup of tea,but this has an infectious stride about it,that you cannot help but just go with it.
Solid gold writing Larry.
Class and style!


04/13/08 09:13:45PM @john-crafton:
Acid Jazz is thr right Interesting play with the horns and bass against the percussion.
Drives right along. Thanks for the listen.

03/22/08 05:19:34PM @mark-cloutier:
hello wherewolf!!! great to hear this killer power chording with a neat rhumba beat of sorts--love that--funky and just unique as hell--the horns--yeah man---james brown would be moonwalking on this---you are moon walking i am sure wolfman!!! cheers from mark!
03/11/08 03:07:25AM @brian-mattson:
Tight and in the pocket! I love the bass man! Yeah, make it funky and can you give the drummer some? I don't know much about acid jazz, but this is well done. The James Brown feel is great!!!!
12/24/09 08:51:59AM @tcp:
Well, we lost track of dates these tracks were posted, but have a feeling this is an older one??!? This thing is a def mover and shaker....absolutely love the vibe!! I can only believe you achieved what you set out to. Huge success in my mind. Love the rhythm and how you've got a ton of interaction going on based on that. Awesome arrangement, flow.....PERFECT and addictive!!! Happy holidays LT!! ..Blake
02/07/08 09:43:07PM @buddrumming:
I love this .... abit of Sappa in there...James Brown... you are happening as the percussion and drums....makes my night....:) Thx, Bud
01/19/08 11:12:30AM @saitkoray:
my english is weak so my reviews has always same words but this is realy nice ..very googd groove...very goog sound collection..i love this...
12/18/07 07:54:17PM @rob-hanlon:
Excellent recording quality and rhythms. Smooth theme with great drive. Nicely done!
11/24/07 05:02:44AM @chrickon:
Hi Larry !
This is soo cool ! all diffrent sounds and the groove, you got to have some fantasy to create a piece like this. This is Funky !!!

11/21/07 03:04:57AM @ab1:
larry.. I just had to come back for the Dl brother.. I just LOVE this track.. awesome.. thank you :-)
11/20/07 10:14:46AM @michael-nunley:
Another one that makes me wish ... that when I dance, I didn't look like a grizzly bear on crack.
Picture it... see, not pretty

Good groove man.

11/20/07 08:16:23AM @ab1:
damn wolfman.. TLT.. you are my new favorite beatman from this site.. this would be the 2nd track to put in my back pack.. damn when that funk kicks in.. YO.. jim.. where have you been all my music.. friend? OH NMAN I LOVE THIS JAZZ BEATZ.. I FUNKIN LOVE IT.. SHOULD HAVE CALLED IT OBSESSION.. DL?? OH YES !!!!!! thank you larry.. this is much better than being honored with a link.. THIS IS SO FRIGGIN SEXY D.. aBsLuTlEy.. :-)


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