~Bluz Clue~

album: From here to There
genre: Rhythmic Soul
streams: 269

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The original project file is gone...I would've loved some MIX guitar players jammin' along with the tune....!!!From  early 2004 ,Midi drums.....Roland A-30...
~Bluz Clue~
Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 11:25:17PM @gary-shukoski:
Such smokin leads in this one! Love the piano phrasing throughout the whole piece as well!
Gary Shukoski
08/22/16 04:53:02AM @gary-shukoski:
Love how clean your mixes are and your effortless your jazzy playing seemingly is!
Lyrical Princess
04/30/15 11:12:04PM @lyrical-princess:
Sounds like "Pro" Blues to me.. Absolutely Beautiful.. This song is pure joy. Sounds like you were having fun. So much energy in here.. This is what Happiness sounds like. . Love it !

All The Best,

03/15/15 12:19:48AM @tlt50:
Doug......Thanks my friend.... :)
01/04/14 04:20:20PM @tlt50:
Cooter and Yvonne....AwwwwwOooooo me friends...
01/31/13 07:40:16PM @cooter:
This is sticky-gooey with class. What a fine piece of music, Sir Lawrence. I'm playing this sweety during Blues At 11, this week.

Love it,Larry.


01/31/13 01:44:05PM @kalola-kiss:
OMG this is such a demonstration of how awesome a piece of music can be! I absolutely adore this.
Farrell Jackson
01/31/13 10:28:49AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Larry you have such a great vibe going' on here with the cool piano work and now comes your signature synth sound. This is such a cool and uplifting song to go along with my morning day is starting off in the right direction...thanks for that!


02/02/13 11:11:11AM @tcp-up:
LT! Sensational piano!! All the nuances, timing stutters, chords have a tremendous feel of being locked in. Awesome my friend! Many kudos!! ..B
02/01/13 10:35:53PM @robert-smith:
Hi Larry - I've been away for a bit and its absolutely great to come back to hear a new one from you - an absolute sonic treat! Wonderful. You're such a wonderful musician.



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