** After the SUN goes DOWN *** FEAT. Yvonne Jay

album: Collabs
genre: Jazz
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Yvonne added her amazing sensual,sweet soulful.....vibes,,,, to an old track of mine. Needless to say she revived it,,,,,:D...
** After the SUN goes DOWN *** FEAT. Yvonne Jay
Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 11:02:14PM @gary-shukoski:
Groovin to some Larry and Yvonne J! You guys do such nice collabs together!
04/06/16 03:55:36PM @lodato:
Easy goes it. Silk.
P Eric Bailey
07/26/14 05:53:44PM @p-eric-bailey:
Larry and Yvonne..........I love this...night of my favorite types of music to sit back and dream of the cityscape on a late evening......awesome congrats to the both of you.


02/17/14 12:48:31AM @bigpete:
real nice sultry vibe, great playing and vocal performance, superbe keys, real joy to listen.
02/03/14 09:21:08PM @tlt50:
Yvonne.....You made this ole' wolf smile big time... when you added your sweet soul magic...Thanks...:) Too all those that have comment... I'm humbled by the kind words... ~AwwwwwOoooo~ people... **** One of my favorite tunes ...
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11/02/13 04:06:08PM @:
AWESOME,Love the feel
11/02/13 07:57:13AM @robert-smith:
Oooh - I love this sound. Nice work mate on the keys and the feel - great vocal too!
I love it

Lyrical Princess
09/07/13 12:39:17AM @lyrical-princess:
Yvonne's vocals are so soothing. And your music works so well with them.. Listening, set a very dreamy mood that I almost needed snapping out of.. This is Truly Amazing. Something to be very Proud of for sure.. 5*****


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