It's Just That Way ...

album: From here to There
genre: *WolF Vibes*
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It's Just That Way ...
margot du bois
09/19/11 01:55:41AM @margot:
Having very recently lost a loved one and back at the beginning of the year two, dear friends, I can relate to the emotion and feelings you`ve captured in this piece Larry...A beautiful and heartfelt listen for sure...xx
Love and hugs..Mags xx

Lyrical Princess
03/28/10 06:31:42PM @lyrical-princess:
Man.. Listen to that crowd.. They Love you.. And why shouldn't they? This is a really awesome track from beginning to end.. Wonder how I missed hearing it before.?.. I guess with me.. "It's Just That Way" Or just like me to miss something Wonderful!! ...Really enjoyed it Larry..

Love Ya,

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:38:53PM @incarnate-word:
I always love when a crowd is mixed in. No shame in this game. this is an incredible emotional peice. sounds like some deep soul reflecting was going on. Great tune.
03/22/09 02:14:49PM @zest-radio-show:
WhereWolf, This is an excellent instrumental piece. I can't accept that in some instances of loved ones lost, that, "It's Just That Way". I could go on about that thought process...but this is not the right place for it my friend. What is the right thing to do is to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to this track whilst reflecting on love ones lost.... Thank you for the superior music and production. This is great. I leave you with my respect, peace and love. Best regards, ZEST
Luca Wulf
07/07/08 03:06:55PM @huge-artist:
Ah,I see my wife beat me to this one :)

Another ultra smooth and oh so tasteful composition Larry.
Beautiful summer vibe about this...
I am imagining the heat haze in the distance,under pure blue skies.
The synth lead is EXCELLENT mate.
Everything s clear,crisp and sitting in the mix very nicely indeed.
This is calss mate, a perfect summer's day track.


05/15/08 09:22:21AM @brian-mattson:
Excellent melodic elements take this dreamy song to great hights. I really enjoyed the journey you took me on with the lead lines. The backing is repetitive ... so what ... it doesn't get in the way of what this song is about. I think it all falls together perfectly.

I agree with Sly Puppy about another way to handle this, but it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. I love what you did here Larry, very heartfelt with an underlying sadness about it.

Great job man!

05/11/08 03:51:50PM @mark-cloutier:
hey wherewolfman seems i missed alot of music in past few days so i had to come by and listen to the wolf howl! a sweet howl this is-- asubdued relaxed--very graceful presentation here--your lead work is flawless man--telling a story as i love it!! soulful and creative!! the flow--the vibe!!! yeah man! mark
sly puppy
05/02/08 06:49:23AM @emocion:

Something beautiful about the way you have played that sky patch agianst the pads and simplistic drum loop.

Tell you what : take the drums out completely and just let the listener hang on those notes so delicately played and push the pad backing up a touch maybe add in some descrete piano as a sub/counterpart and you'd be drifting into a whole different area.

Try it alternatively you could send it to me and I'll try it !


04/25/08 10:31:45AM @gone-3:
the mood you get from this song is beauthiful,
the playing is execellent
perfect ! well done

04/13/08 05:03:56PM @mike-lockett:
Good job setting up a feel and sound! Nice arrangements with the play of the string sounds against the lead synth part. Good job!
04/12/08 01:06:47AM @robert-smith:
This is just fantastic and displays your impeccable musicianship. Its a wonderful relaxed and moody piece. The lead line just drifts in and out so effortlessly and the smooth beat keeps the groove groov'n on. A wonderful piece.


04/10/08 01:14:20PM @am-pm:
Hey - how you do that - a creasy guitar line against a silky smooth backdrop!!! Thats just sweet, I mean sweeter than the sugar in a candy bar. Damn this is smoooove man you got your groove on here!! A winner for sure
04/08/08 10:46:08AM @milillo:
Really lovely Larry.
It's one of those songs where the intrument, in this case guitar, speaks, vocalizes, interprets, expresses, communicates.

04/07/08 02:26:51AM @self-tort:
Still trying to work out what is wrong with the recording of this. Okay, it might not be the most exciting drum loop in the world, but with all the good stuff happening on top, it's just got to keep the beat and it does that. Some lovely soloing work going on in this. Very melodic and lyrical sounding with some excellent harmonisation with the pads. Although I think the standing ovation is deserved, don't think it adds anything to the track. It's a reflective sombre piece of music that stands on its own. Lovely work, Larry.
Michael Yablonski
04/04/08 03:29:44PM @michael-yablonski:
Very nice piece of music from the master Larry, solos and ambiences are great, I'm walking on the emotional lunar soundscape with this song, Thanks Bro.
04/04/08 07:58:08AM @mark-reed:
Interesting piece this, well performed and recorded. If this was a live performance then you have a tremendous live sound quality. Enjoyed this piece. Well done
04/03/08 12:35:43PM @tcp:
Sweet LT!!! Great saw-based lead keys !!! The song is very reflective and considering the subject matter - very appropriate. Great production qualities. It all makes perfect sense. Your timbre choices are top notch too. Very impressive playing my friend. BRAVO!! ~Blake
04/02/08 07:32:13PM @test200:
You got that touch Larry, no doubt in my mind. Great backup to just let the emotions run free. What a feel you have on the pitch and mod wheels, its a skill I believe separates good synth leads from great ones. This is great man, cool runs and smooth bends. Back to the drawing board for me...Flawless performance Larry....major Wolf
04/02/08 06:38:28PM @henry-tarnecky:
Larry.. you've captured a very nice feeling with this one... some real xpressive free lance synth work goin on... I can relate to the state of mind needed to just let it go and flow... especailly when the emotions take over concerning lost loved ones! I think you musically illustrated that moment quite sweetly! Always enjoy the live crowd effect too... nice touch!
Rob Grant
04/02/08 01:21:34PM @rayon-vert:
SHWEEET, LaWWy !! SHWEEET !! This is CLASS A ambient, prog, jazz, instrumental.....whatever....Puer CLASS! The soloing is chilling and emotional.....and the back music is just a smooth ride ahead.....this flows so nice and I can't wait to lay down and enjoy this. THANK YOU for Sharing your music.....I guarandamntee ya,'s MUCH enjoyed and appreciated. EXCELLENT, My LaWWyBro!!!

04/02/08 11:51:39AM @mike-s:
Hi Larry, I love this site because every now and then you find a special song that you will play again and again. This for example. This is the type of stuff I would create if I had the talent. Evocative of deep emotion and soaring lines on that guitar synth take you right out there. A nice late night tune this.

I would love to play a guitar synth one day!

04/02/08 06:33:42AM @syngularity:
The track has a beautiful mood and finest solo variations of all synths... I love the atmospheric patterns. It's just the way... doesn't need that applause effect, because it's getting OUR applause!
04/02/08 03:28:09AM @ab1:
live gig?.. man T your music is awesome but i didn't know you were so famous.. lol.. just went to the notes to see who the guitar picker is.. he got a nice hand from the crowd for his entrance..
thought it might be steve vai or something.. man larry you need have no shame bro.. this is some awesome flow.. I love the emotion of it.. those are lovely synth and V guitar solos brother.. if it wasn't so full up with jammin i'd be hittin you up.. hey beautiful... lol.. i got to be fast nowdays.. I got a girl who recognizes the best beats instantly and grabs em up quick.. lol..
thank goodness you are prolific.. this is my kinda jam T.. deep and strong.. wish we lived in the same town man.. we could have a dynamite band.. and applaud each other.. lol.. cheers.. :-)

04/02/08 02:09:08AM @the-deep:
While listening to 'It's Just That Way' ,, i knew i loved it !!,, so it came as a happy moment to find that you have granted this as downloadable. i've DLDD it for many future listens.

I love the music orchestration in the background - and everything else about it. !!!!!!

04/02/08 02:03:08AM @shane:
WOW,, now this is exquisite.

i LOVE it !!!!! So exquisite. ok ,, lets try to give some specific info - feedback here. Your mono synth,, i love it. great touch. I love the pads filling the backdrop. The percussive melodic music backdrop is delicious.

Larry, this is a wonderfully orchestrated track. The music reduces me to jibberish, because all i can manage is to keep repeating ,, excellent sound , delicious moves , sublime,, i like it. and so on.

man,, this baby is so fine. !!!


04/02/08 03:24:15AM @ab2:
Great intro Larry....Soulful and thought provoking...Wow, what a sound from you this time...Every song you post is good, but this is just tops..Thanks for the d/l....Shane`s not alone in his good musical taste...:-) For loved ones we`ve lost....A beautiful gesture

peace n love my friend , Mags xxx :-)

04/02/08 09:36:18AM @bri-an:
Ouu ya, really like the flavor of this....the key soloin is very well done!! it kept my interest straight through to the outro...not over bearing...just held the reins perfectly!
The background wash of strings were perfect for this audio presentation...
Enjoyed very much ww!

04/06/08 05:36:06AM @chrickon:
Great moody piece Larry !! I like the sounscape you have created here!! Very nice lead work too!! very emotional and tasteful.
Excellent in all ways.
P.S. applause!! take them away and wait for the real ones :)


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