Buds of Spring...with Shawn Cole (re-mastered)

album: Collabs
genre: Good Vibe...mojo
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In my part of the country it's never to early to think about spring   I had the pleasure of Shawn Cole's talent on this tune. Shawn is a multi talented...
Buds of Spring...with Shawn Cole (re-mastered)
02/09/17 11:42:03AM @ronbowes:
Really tight and funky. Love it!
01/13/17 10:04:01AM @kephas:

Awesome work here Larry. Smooth and tight...Tasty funk-filled bliss! Sweet harp work...

A five star work for sure!

10/03/10 11:37:36PM @piperon:
This collaboration with Shawn Cole really pay off. I only had one with Larry due to my system constraint. I love Spring, too bad we have only one season here in Singapore. Only spring. Neat use of the harmonica, way too delicious. You really have the unusual talents to make gorgeous music that really put awesome images into our minds.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:52:25PM @incarnate-word:
oh man I remember the first time I heard this. this is amazing. it grooves right to the soul and keeps you tapping and rocking your head the whole time. Killer job!
02/05/11 04:40:59PM @soundtrapper:
The perfect tune for a welcome sunny day. Just what i needed. Thanks for sharing. Great job! - jeff
09/08/09 01:30:30AM @through-a-glass-darkly:
A great piece of music, great groove, great mixture of sounds, wonderfully produced and performed. Gone straight to my favorites. Derek
Burning Red Sun
05/06/09 08:05:21PM @burning-red-sun:
Larry.....This is lively tune thats very fitting for a warm spring day. The musicianship and mix are great across the board....its a winner 4 sure!....ken
04/28/09 08:28:10AM @mel:
Wow!! Not what I was expecting, loving this funky sound! Got me bopping and swaying around the room with this turned up and the sun outside shining! Wonderful mixture of different sounds here. Methinks you had fun doing this classy production! Sooooopa! Melsi
Lyrical Princess
04/27/09 07:23:56PM @lyrical-princess:
"Buds Of Spring" is just Beautiful... Perfect in every way.. Just sitting here tapping my toes, shakin' my... hips..hehehe.. Chillin' to this Masterpiece... I Love It!!! Am adding it to my collection of all time Favorites ***** ++++ Mmmm, Linda
04/16/09 06:55:59PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Yeah, with Blake on this for sure. You have a style all your own my friend and a groove that hits you right in the chest (and you know I love a good groove!). Great musicianship all around. Funk that funk Mr T ;-)


04/16/09 04:50:31PM @justin-jones-band:
What a great, feel good, excellently produced, flat out, JAM! Absolutely love this stuff, Larry, awesome job!...Sincerely, Justin.
04/14/09 09:47:32AM @tcp:
All this time LT and I think I'd be pretty damn adept at picking your style out of a lineup of hundreds. Smooth, funky, jazzy...superb productions. Great tasteful playing. Awesome stuff...and now I'm waiting for spring's comin on too slow. Great track!! ...blake
04/05/09 10:15:27AM @blue-sahara:
Mister Groove, let me tell you - again - how much I'm diggin' your beats ... especially in the morning hours. They give me energy for the day and make me happy. :-) So there!
Anyways, the combination drums/groove and synth work is just amazing. A great, moving song - always eager to invite my feet to tap. Watch out kids - I'll be dancing on my desk soon ... lol.
Good work guys!

04/02/09 12:38:27PM @piperon:
Sexy is your middle name!
12/26/08 03:50:38PM @mark-cloutier:
man this is some groovy stuff!! 60's cool--drop some acid and off we go to somewhere else--lol--naaah man---- this is great stuff no drugs necessary!!!rock on always--love your work!! mark
10/12/08 11:55:26PM @terry-ponder:
Great sound here, Oh my, simply awesome, I'm smiling from ear to here just amazed. fantastic work my frond, simply fantastic. and i love the harmonica.


Luca Wulf
09/23/08 02:30:20PM @huge-artist:
You know Larry,you are one class act...
Never heard you play a bad note...
Whatever style you go for,you nail it,and every element just feels right.
Harmonica...superbe,likewise the whole band ensemble!!
Yeah you could take a nursery rhyme and funk the life into it.
Excellent musicianship and production.


01/14/09 11:14:26AM @vesa:
Love this funk...Great bass & percussion movin' it 7 that ain't're so good at making me get up and move...shake it don't break it Larry, FAB tune right off the start...has a bit of Stevie Wonder I felt...but t's all you (I guess cause my son has been doing Stevie's melodies on bass) Anyhow love the progression, lovely organ, great keys just cascade so well along with the neat harp additions. Gotta love this as a fave it goes. All instruments are in perfect placement. Love the horn synth sounds. Never can get enough off brass...This is an EXCELLENT groove my friend, Terrific sound FINE PRODUCTION.
-Great! -Vesa.
(have to have my bass playing son hear this for sure).

03/26/09 08:40:59PM @saitkoray:
great bass line, great rythym line, great guitar work...wonderful song...fabulous organ....and synth solo is superb...i heard many hormonies in this track...saxes are perfect...not good job SUPERB JOB this song has WONDERFUL FUNKY ATHMOSPHERE...masterfuly made by Larry T. & Shawn Cole
five stars not enough more stars needed for this super sounding song "**********"
your friend sait.

04/09/08 10:37:25PM @henry-tarnecky:
Larry and Shawn... this track is thoroughly entertaining.... a fine up feeling weave of appealing sound dudes. That bass and drum groove is ideal for the skilled blended lead work that is sweetly delivered. Fine shuffling down the road track man! Congrats guys!
03/07/08 12:06:10PM @test200:
hi Larry, I'm desperately waiting for spring so I can get the heck outta here and head north. This track just gets things started a little early. Feelin fine with this one, great synth riffs matching up nicely with the fun and funky groove. Lovin the organ stabs..really tight mix.
..everyone needs this track right about now..

10/10/08 12:37:08AM @piperon:
Every piece of your fabulous music made me wonder - where the hell you got all these wonderful sound? Damn, I would hijack you and your sound system if I know. The mute sax is cool and the deep synth is another sound I would like to have. Ok, here is the deal, I promised I will not turn you into a werewolf during the fullmoon and you will pass me the secret of your majestic sound. Deal? If this offer is turn down before the fullmoon, I will get some blonde babes to make you a tame wolf instead. LOL!!!!!

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

02/21/08 03:15:13AM @ab1:
no review from your dog rappi on this here? man.. much as i love your music and keys playin.. I just got to keep on sayin.. WOLF-WOLF.. AUWOOOOOOOO.. man steely dan just has to be said larry.. but you have got the groove on so tite that walter becker might just appear any sec with some brilliant singin.. the harp is killer man.. is that shawn? don't know him yet.. love your synth and piano solos T.. man we got to jam again soon see?.. this is so bouncy catchy bro..
love it.. grabbed it.. that's it!

02/10/08 09:48:34AM @bri-an:
Wooo a Steely Dan fan! me too...big time...this is stellar playing! Harp &!
I enjoyed this very much guys!! thanks!! woooo.

02/04/08 01:00:32AM @maxidogma:
Hey wolf.
Whoever did the keys on this track has my attention. Great groove. Made want to jump in the car and cruise Surfers Paradise with the top down and the breeze in my hair. Shame it's pouring with rain at the moment, (and it's meant to be summer). Man, ever need a track from me, let me know. I'm keen..........a hammond track maybe?....I just can't help myself. LOL

01/28/08 02:39:46PM @brian-mattson:
Wow ... this is just killer. Steely Dan feel or just plain good feeling groove ... I love it! Excellent.
01/26/08 09:28:16AM @big-peter-white:
Just what i expected, Cool classy jazzy instrumental from Larry and co.
04/19/08 08:49:48PM @jeremy-raboin:
I think this is my fav. of yours. your voice reminds me of lou reed but better. Nice flow to it, and i like the subject. Nice work.
12/27/07 11:22:11PM @dux:
Nice. I really enjoyed this! Well played, great tone. A nice jazzy sound that reminded me a lot of Larry Carlton. I am not sure about the bloooop or odd sounds in the backround however, i would have really like to have heard the mix with out it.
12/27/07 09:28:40PM @diva:
What an excellent song. Love the tight funk groove thing in this. Super harp and bass -- just an excellent mix. Well done.
12/27/07 09:04:36PM @burningredsun:
nice Groove and great musicianship.....A winner!...DeTouR
12/27/07 09:00:57PM @steph-klish:
This is a a Jazzy grove gettin track, top of the line musicianship
So many sounds to concentrate on
Got me moving man

12/27/07 08:55:27PM @dazed:
outstanding! liked it from the start. This is just a very well done song. Kudos!
Bass line is exceptional as are the keys. Damn harp and drums are top notch as well. I must say this track is top notch!

Rob Grant
12/27/07 07:50:20PM @rayon-vert:
You FUNKY WhereWolf!!! Man!! This is NICE!! I LOVE harmonica. This has an EXCELLENT Groove going...a DEF FAVE and DL!! Thanks for Sharing Your Music!!

12/27/07 05:32:49PM @rob-hanlon:
Very tasty! Love the groove and choice of instrumentation. Well Done!
12/27/07 02:21:43PM @pyramis:
Man,what a clean,hard -hitting funk groove !
Love that bass,and that bass drum can be felt.
Excellent mix,and this track is a blast to listen to.Nice harp playing in there as well !


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