Splitting the edge ... with....CHRICKON !!!!! (Re-Mastered)

album: Collabs
genre: Instrumental
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This song has a very live feel. Thru modern technology I've added the atmosphere of what it must have been like for my Swedish friend "CHRICKON" back in the...
Splitting the  edge  ... with....CHRICKON  !!!!! (Re-Mastered)
12/30/20 09:40:12PM @wricky:
still awesome , i will prolly blast this out on New Years eve so it will seem like a crowd is here haha,
Farrell Jackson
03/08/20 10:45:16AM @farrell-jackson:
This is just as enjoyable of a listen now as it was then! Larry T, that B3 and Leslie sounds fantastic with you at the controls and Chrickon's guitar is singing and howling at the moon. The live feel you gave it is perfect...well done guys! No wonder this has so many reviews and listens. It's the gift that keeps on giving!


carol sue
03/13/19 08:04:48AM @carol-sue:
A Mixposure classic right here! (song and artist!)
Love this track and adore seeing all of these positive comments.. those were the days!!
2008~ Wasn't that just yesterday? :) ~Bravo!! *****

Frank Northcutt
02/13/19 02:59:01PM @frank-northcutt:
Ah, nice hearing this old classic once again, Larry. It's been a while. Great stuff, and good memories.
01/11/19 03:33:23PM @tlt50:
Gary...... thank you. Back in the day, I did do a bunch of collabs with some of the amazing people here at Mix. Thank you for the very kind words.... :)
11/16/17 07:29:10PM @tlt50:
Bob.....Tricia ...Mikael ,...thanks for the kind words..
Mikael Larsson
07/02/17 01:53:17PM @mikael-larsson:
Great song guys!
04/19/17 11:36:51AM @vig-wig:
well, I join a distinguished cross section of accomplished musicians that have lauded this track and have reveled in its fine showcase of artists involved; to wit like it a lot. vig
04/17/17 11:30:51PM @tlt50:
Yvonne...Jimmy.....Piyali...Gary...and Wricky.. Thanks Big smiles...
03/11/17 12:37:52PM @wricky:
I thouht I just paid for a high dollar ,arena class Live festival jam...then I read the song info and realized it is just that well done! hats off and hi 5's
Gary Shukoski
07/14/16 04:36:19AM @gary-shukoski:
Wow! This song is just dripping with the sounds of a B3 and some great guitar soloing! Awesome collab! You guys fit like P B and J!!!
Piyali & Abyss
12/19/15 11:58:52AM @piyaliabyss:
love that live tone you got happening ....
06/26/14 07:21:34AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
This Is Great My Friend, Love All Your Work. Great Job By All.
10/28/13 03:16:44PM @humachine-zone-music-inc:
cool and smokey...
Doctor C
10/18/10 10:04:46PM @doctor-c:
Oh yeah! Now I know why this track has 60+ reviews. Gotta have 600 if you ask me. One of the best compositions I've heard here. Every little touch is pure class. Scintillating number. I had a Fantom a few years back but never thought one could sound like this. Those brass stabs rock! And that organ... perfection!!!!
10/03/10 11:29:05PM @piperon:
Gees, 62 reviews? WOW, that's amazing. Your magical touch on the composition really standup among the others. I love the churchy organ and the guitar - one straight awesome stuff that can lasts forever. The track is definitely for talk show. The progression is systematic and delivering. You definietly deserve the applauses. YOU HAD MINE TOO!

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon The Spiritual Flute Player.

09/05/10 06:32:16PM @eshar:
A truly awesome collab. I agree entirely about the live feel of this and that adds immensely to the listening experience.
08/28/10 06:53:52PM @allenv:
Wow,I don't know where to start...I'm the new kid in the candy store,and now I know how to review...thanks for the help.I love this song and I just did an acoustic one with the same live feel,I couldn't believe this when I heard it, Chrickon is on guitar..I have to learn who everybody is and I have a lot of catching up to do!
03/17/10 04:37:01PM @microjazz:
I really enjoyed this track - great composition & love the live feel production.
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:50:38PM @incarnate-word:
wow! this is seamless composed music at its best. Incredible arrangement. All the instruments sound great and Punchy. very clean and very entertaining. Great Job.
05/19/10 05:21:39PM @sumofthedaze:
you definitly captured the live feel . i would not have known the difference . i love the big band stuff ... especially the horns . the hammond is classic and the guitar tone is awesome
ThirdStream Friends
11/19/09 08:18:48AM @thirdstream-friends:
Man Larry this tune has all the elements that make a hit-!!
The chord changes and tone of your B3 knock me out, I would kill to be on and organ trio gig like this again-!! Chick has ideas and chops for days... what a Great colab, Kudos to you guys on a stellar performance!!!!!!!!!

11/18/09 09:51:47PM @marc-morlock:
Oh yeah,this is pefect.......
Great music

01/11/10 03:51:19PM @rumour-control:
I have to confess.
I chose the song with the most reviews to check out first.

And I chose goooood.
This is very very nice.
Love all the instrumentations. The keyboard and horns do the trick like magic :D

Good job man.

01/26/09 11:04:56PM @justin-jones-band:
Hey, Larry, this is one in a long list of innovative, well written, performed, and arranged songs of yours. It's always a pleasure visiting your site. I'm always finding something new or something I've missed. Very talented artist you are, my friend, and you should be proud of all the work you've done here. Keep the good times comin'!...Justin
12/30/08 08:43:47AM @brian-futch:
I love B3's. Christer's playing is icing on the cake. Man, you've got a great feel for this kind of stuff. Make's me want to play. Killer tune, dude.
11/09/08 12:05:08AM @buddrumming:
Damm...this is the kinda song i love to drum to....what a it Larry....awsome!.....:)Thx, Bud
Juri R
10/21/08 02:36:14PM @grand-jury:
Excellent!! What else can I say ?? That's absolutely ma cuppa!!Can lisyen to it till the cows come home.Great tone on guitar,partly reminiscent of Robben Ford's approach and than it goes further to Satriani etc.And Hammond is just smokin'!!The definition of the cool is here (for me)
10/07/08 06:11:37AM @ab2:
ohhhh whoa....Funky, fun----ky blues..:-) I really don`t know how I missed this one larry...Has pro------fessional written all over, through and around it...That guitar is just tooooooooooo bad for a "nice" girl to be listening to..:-) I love this lively number and am so pleased I at last found it..:-) Very nice collab guys...Excellent in fact...:-)

Peace n love Mags :-)xxx

12/20/08 02:31:00AM @king-cake:
Great groove and great playing all around! WOW!
12/17/08 08:35:18PM @slowmarchingband:
What a fantastic sounding team on this! That B-3 along with the guitar has such a classic sound. Excellent playing by the two of you. Bravo!
09/30/08 07:41:22AM @mark-cloutier:
hello wolfman and chrikon! you guys work together hand in glove!-some sweet flowing guitar with a terrific backdrop of well arranged music--synths--yeah---does have that live thing about it!
09/29/08 10:41:10AM @the-autumleaf:
Wow That was great live playing loved It is always great to hear live performances great guitar playing and solid keys old Deep purple feel
playing live would have been real fun


Paul Oakley
09/28/08 12:13:41PM @paul-oakley:
This is so listenable!! Great playing from everyone - just a cool collaboration :)


09/27/08 07:18:31PM @saitkoray:
i am listened again this wonderful performance..your all tracks are perfect my friend...i love your music...great jobs..great pro...


09/27/08 04:53:46PM @vesa:
Wow, what a great that organ, feels like I'm in a cool lounge. Great percussion. Fab guitar, really dig the audience 'live' effect- so cool. Fine tone on the guitar and great phrasing. Simply a good mix with guitar and organ. Nver can get enough of organ. Groove is Superb -great sound mix and orchestration. Dig this one. Creative!
EXCELLENT. -Your friend. -Vesa.

09/26/08 07:07:38AM @syngularity:
Beautiful sound & awesome laidback feel of this cool jazz/classic rocker. Love the breaks & the organ drive, the live atmo you've included here sounds VERY authentic. Would be such a wonderful event to see you playing live!

09/19/08 10:22:03PM @big-daddy-cee:
tons of energy on this well put together piece.....excellent!


09/13/08 07:27:04AM @emphyrio:
I tottaly digg this song.
Cool funky rythm, awesome guitar play.
Did I mentioned I love the organ ? :)

07/05/08 07:14:52PM @ked-records:
ohhhhh man Larry that undeniably juciy organ sound that is so your tone!!!....You mannaged to harnass all the amazing talents of Crickon for sure.. and to give it that cool live vibe was well simply amazing. As always Mr. Wolf you are a certified song-crafter of the higest order indeed! All of your compostitions show that ever so present ethic in your incredibly well put together music. I am a fan ..
07/04/08 09:05:46AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Wow.......SWEEEEEEET groove guys. I'm loving this piece. Excellent B3 work Larry and how can you go wrong with Mr. Smooth. Excellent colab guys, you 2 need to do many many more !!!!!


sly puppy
07/09/08 07:19:47AM @emocion:

Phunkiliscious stuff happening here.A ramble bass and the prettiest little organ i've heard in long old while star alongside some super guitarwork and horns aplenty.
You got all the right elements and the mix is nailed.

I shall not bother with a long old story enuff has been said already.



Jasmine Tea
10/05/08 09:42:55AM @jasmine-tea:
What an amazing vibe comes through this song! It's thick and sweet, like honey. It feels so live that I wish to be screaming with the audience. :) I need another listen! ;)jt
10/18/08 10:25:56PM @flohism:
Nice production with the "crowd noise." lol...First rate guitar, nice "Dyer Maker" drums. Can't go wrong with that groove!
04/07/08 02:30:36AM @self-tort:
Are yes, this is just what I was wanting to hear in the original version of this track. Chickron has brought out the Jeff Beck edge to this track that I always thought was there. Excellent choice of collaborators, Larry. Christer adds real dimension to this track with his playing but doesn't try to take it away from you. The charm of the original is still there but with that extra edge to it. Congrats, love it.
04/03/08 07:53:23AM @mark-cloutier:
hello fellas--damn sorry it took me so long to get here --wow some top notch lead lines--sweet tone and sooooh smoothe!! everything about this is pure class--rythmn section--helluva foundation for synth and guitar--thanks for the ride gents!! schmoking!!!
04/02/08 06:45:20PM @loren:
wow. you guys are solid. i wasn't expecting anything this good. smooth keys, screaming guitar cool beats and background instruments. huge sound. arena ready!!!
03/29/08 11:42:33AM @sterlingstudios:
sweet,sweet tune..........nicely done man.

rippin' guitar......

Charlie Beige
02/29/08 07:14:52PM @charlie-beige:
i may have heard this on nexus radio...but DAMMM it is worth a thousand listens...yep..soon as that lead came in i went YES BABY YES
yu really are a blue jazz funxter straight from the golden cloud....thanx for your support as well....appreciated

02/27/08 11:40:44PM @tcp:
For crying out did I miss this snuck this in on me man. Just excellent keyboard, drums, bass and the song has such a energetic and exciiting feel to it (maybe it's that huge crowd you played for that night)....some great setting up for Christer's very tasty leads. Love all aspects of this Larry....truly a winner. Wonderful work by all accounts! Another awesome track... ~Blake
02/27/08 09:06:58AM @bri-an:
ahh here it is...i made a note of this the last time i heard it on Nexus....Always blew me away with that exciting "live" atmosphere you have created...
I hear the Steely Dan thang!! everytime i hear it...My love for this gernre of music automatically gets me movin..both physically and mentally..Chrickon's injection again is done with some incredible foresight for the piece...and lifts this already fine work to levels of excellence....
A standout for me is the use of the drums used..( B.T. or a loop) they refine this project ..and are honed perfectly with the frequencies swimming on ears! The energy level is matched all around.(and's my style of
Excellent arrangement ww....I love this.

10/10/08 12:28:26AM @piperon:
Way too funky for me, awesome ride. I love the guitar, power packed stuff. It howls like the werewolf too, goodness me I got tranced. The churchy organ is definitely doing a great job in bringing up the swing. Bassline and drum are definitely one A star. Love till the last note.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

Rob Grant
02/13/08 04:33:58PM @rayon-vert:
LaWWy...I don't know how I missed this song. I heard it at NEXUS and was blown away. I feel pretty lost........I see more I missed too. You must post on a day, that gets a lot of new songs. I REALLY need to go back to the New Songs list. ANYWAY!! This track rolls along like a freight train. SUOER ORGAN and Chrickon sounds like Steve Lukather on this track...SUPERB!!

01/29/08 06:10:26PM @david-c-deal:
Man I love that B3 sound and how you handle it. The song has such a great "movin on" feel to it. Well recorded as well.

01/26/08 08:29:20PM @henry-tarnecky:
Always enjoy the live aspect of a crowd inserts..... good opening and nice full keys throughout... this one rocks along with ease and has just the right horn fills, bass and drums to set up the tasty guitar work. Hey... just a great track and good listen especailly when it works back into that strong catchy themed section ! Well done!
01/19/08 11:17:51AM @saitkoray:
very nice funky wibes, superb keys..prformance is class..i love this sound..very good drum line...very welldone...
01/17/08 07:22:36AM @pianoforte:
sweet organ. 0:40 that's a flattering climax! the trumpets are a nice addition! guitar parts rock as well. good job =).
01/16/08 01:03:51PM @ab1:
great groovin live jam sound guys.. dig the drums big time.. great organ sound and work.. and master christer smokin the fretboard.. what could we want more? well.. would like to have been in the crowd.. hollerin.. get down dudes.. YEAH !!
Luca Wulf
02/06/08 02:37:41PM @huge-artist:
Another highly polished piece :)
The crowd atmospherics was a nice touch :)
But really,the playing is what really holds my attention.
Smooth,fluid and oh so tasteful throughout.
Of course the guitar is taking centre stage with some ultra cool playing,but I must admit that I am also keeping a very close ear on all else,and it is all as sparkling as the lead it carries.
Excellent and greatly enjoyed.


01/08/08 12:45:57AM @brian-mattson:
Great tune guys, you really captured the horn sound by mixing with the B3. Wow, I just love the guitar man ... it just scrreams out ... like when the crowd starts screaming! lol This is just too too much fun. Such a tight/deep groove I'd get up and dance if I knew how. Kudos!
01/06/08 08:47:58AM @syntopia-music:
Great Collab, Organ and guitar are so cool, great sound to. Very good work.
01/25/08 09:36:46AM @bruffie:
Great tune. Love the keys and guitar....the drum vibe is very cool and laidback. I'm amazed at the quality of the playing....
12/31/07 08:12:32PM @diva:
Oh, yeah, boys -- now this is how to get that rhythm thang down. The organ was gravt enough, but that solo guitar just iced my cake. Solid, tune. Excellent.
12/31/07 06:14:02PM @rob-hanlon:
What a great listen! Excellent playing by all. I really like the choice of drum tone. Sounds like Bonham gettin funky. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.
01/01/08 03:25:43PM @dazed:
very well done guys. love the organ and Christer's playing. Very nice.

Also liked the addition of an audience with the claps. That live feeling is always cool.


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