Time Will Tell

album: Time will Tell
genre: Instrumental
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A very simple song. I hope you take a listen.... Latin drum samples..........the rest created on the Roland Fantom X6 . Stay awesome , me friends.   Peace,...
Time Will Tell
carol sue
04/22/20 07:53:48AM @carol-sue:
Time will tell... truth there!
Sure miss you around here but it was great
hearing you play again.. you do that so well! *****

03/10/18 10:59:37AM @shane:
paging through your trax LT . some sweet highlights in ths for sure. Also carries your trademark sound
02/07/18 12:58:00AM @tlt50:
Bob, Inge, and RonB.......Thanks !! Appreciate you all.

Larry T

02/06/18 06:01:29PM @ronbowes:
May be simple, but it's uplifting and cool too.
01/21/18 01:45:32PM @philkearneymusic:
This is awesome Larry. Phil....Thanks, my friend. :)
12/04/17 03:01:47PM @tlt50:
Tricia....thank you for the very kind words and the listen. You do rock "Sweetie" !! Thanks for all you do.

Larry T

08/03/12 10:50:47PM @buddrumming:
rockin tune! .... luv this... Wherewolf is a howling in this tune! thx, Bud
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:25:19AM @incarnate-word:
man this is a great way to start the year. this is exceptional. I love the way you take a simple feeling a creat a whole story. Excellent ear candy.
Lyrical Princess
03/18/09 04:19:20AM @lyrical-princess:
This is one of my favorites Larry... Could listen to this for hours.. It is very simple (your words... hehehe) but truly Beautiful.. The title for this is perfect.. It doesn't happen too often for me... But, This is one of those instrumentals where you can hear the lyrics.. Loved every second of it.. Lots Of Love, Linda
user image
05/17/08 09:47:08PM @:
Wow! Excellent piece of work. Could probably fall under New Age as well. We used to have a radio program called Star Streams on Sunday nights where I would just sit there listening to this type of music. Your piece is equal to if not better than most of the stuff I heard. I could just imagine the work and the production that went into this composition. Well done!
Farrell Jackson
03/11/08 11:44:17AM @farrell-jackson:
Very easy to listen to. My ears and mind are enjoying the heck out of this one! Excellent command of the keys! Most enjoyable.....


01/29/08 12:33:49PM @ab2:
ohhhhh yes......Beautiful....Uplifting, not usually my kind of thing, I`m normally into down beats but you`re sure making my ears **** up with this W.M. Loved the listen for sure, :-)

Lun n hugs, mags xx :-)

Southern Touch
01/24/08 06:57:28PM @southern-touch:
The piano work is excellent..All the instrumentation is top notch..Very well produced and a enjoyable listen..Good job and a recommended click for sure..Have a great evening and take care..Your friend,Fredie..
01/08/08 02:05:42PM @mark-cloutier:
time will tell---cool synth work---cool backdrop--beat---your picking-riffing--not sure what it is-- is fabulous--love the melody--catchy---easy on the ears and i thank you for that!!! mark
01/06/08 08:34:41AM @syntopia-music:
yeah, i love it. Fantastic melody goes in my ears. The music has a very warm touch, goes to my soul. Great performed, exellen6t production and work
Rob Grant
01/01/08 07:19:11PM @rayon-vert:
larry...........EXCELLENT Theme, you have going on. Very enjoyable listen and a DEFINITE DL, for my personal listening time. Man!! You do some GREAT Tracks!!

01/01/08 07:16:43PM @pyramis:
Hey Wolfie,
Liking this tune,caught me with that entrancing intro,and didn't let go.
Nice piano picking,(or riffage if you prefer !).
Great mix,and percussion is an added plus.


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