Eye of Destruction

album: From here to There
genre: Soundtrack
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Eye of Destruction
Gary Dabrowski
03/17/19 02:38:58PM @gary-dabrowski:
well...that's pretty darn cool Larry!...
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:42:12PM @incarnate-word:
Larry, I lived it for three months everyday. I was caught in the middle of the storm. No electricty for 3 months. everyday I would walk outside and would just stare in disbelief, was this all real or just some nightmare I couldn't wake up from. The Awesome power of it all. still today I get choked up when I visit down town. it will never be the same but then is anything ever really the same. Thank you so musch for this tune. Cheers dude.
04/20/09 09:26:15AM @blue-sahara:
I felt like filling up my system with some TLT50 ... :-) So I chose this marvel of a song. Man, do I love that deep synth hopping from side to side every now and then - well, all the synths here are wonderful, great choice. Superb bass fills too, Larry. This tune has so much air and it instantly triggers your imagination. So, I saw a spy-movie scene in my mind ... the good guy chased by the bad guy. Wonderful soundscape, absolutely enjoyable!

03/20/09 01:06:45PM @slowmarchingband:
Larry - The intro is killer man! A safari vibe... ( at least to me)Definitly creates a visual to go along with it! I love music like this! Good on the bass! You make my fingers hurt! Well put together and the creativity behind this gem is fantastic. I was totally immersed...
Twilight Stardust
03/18/09 12:50:20PM @twilight-stardust:
Middle-Eastern sounds, Funk, and so much more... Really got me groovin hard. Was listening in truck earlier, definitely "Driving" music.
Lyrical Princess
03/05/09 12:19:49AM @lyrical-princess:
This is a very busy piece of art Larry.. Great song title.. I am Really enjoying all the different sounds.. Love the helicopters in the beginning.. Awesome touch to this Brilliant Masterpiece .. All The Best, Linda
gary burris
05/21/08 08:24:32PM @gary-burris:
Holly cow She's ours rocks the guitar is absolutly out of this world the mix is top notch cudos bro
05/12/08 11:31:25PM @buddrumming:
So very Kool Bro...Love how the bass is actually doing a solo and inter twining at the same time with the other I hope that statement makes sence....Love it ....:) Thx, Bud
01/28/08 02:44:55PM @brian-mattson:
Very cool track ... I love musical journeys and this one doesn't dissapoint. A lot of interesting synth work going on here!
01/19/08 01:18:43AM @tallisman:
This starts of catchy and builds from there. Production is killer and production quality is top notch. My ear does not fight to hear any element in this mix. I love the little guitar riff that appears at 1:44 - and it's call-and-response-like banter with the tabla and other sounds. Synths are greasy - which I like. The drums are greasy - which I like, and I dig the change-ups.

this is a great track... I have added it to my favourites, now where's that rate button


01/07/08 09:43:51PM @tcp:
This is totally awesome!! Oh man, what can I say? Brilliant work through and through. Large, very large sound and style. I not only wanted but NEEDED to relisten. Addictive bass and rhythm. You just nailed everything down here from concept to final sound. How do you mess with perfection like this. I can well imagine this turning out just as you wanted it. Creative, punchy, emotional, seductive -- incredible piece. I want to discuss this one with you!!! ~Blake
01/03/08 05:32:00AM @chrickon:
Larry ! What a great bass player you are !! and i love the groove on this. A lot of things goin on here and the sound of them is real great. You have put togheter a freat piece of music my friend !

Rob Grant
01/02/08 01:55:47PM @rayon-vert:
Larry, this has a very nice groove and I love the mood. Great headphone listen :-) Great percussion, keep it pushing along.

01/02/08 09:14:39AM @bri-an:
I for the progression into a storm forming in the distance..building up to the enviable release..( with the crunch-stroke-guitar-outro) this is some top flight sound malnipulation.
The groove that binds this together (along with the bass) just held my ears in place.
Very nice work. Enjoyed.

01/02/08 07:32:30AM @pyramis:
Nice work,Wolfman. Don't know what kind of riffage this may be,but I like it regardless.
Excellent creation,all it needs is a wolf howling in the background every now and then !

01/02/08 06:30:17AM @dazed:
with the story line on this I was expecting something chaotic. this flows very well and has a great structure. Love that bass line.
01/02/08 03:37:53AM @diva:
You do make some of the most uniquely entertaining songs, IMO, and this is another gem ,in my book. What you do with random bits of sounds is nothing short of amazing, at least in how you manage to tie them all together in a neat, finished package.


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