Don't You **** on Me !! with./F.Jackson,Doc C ..S.Rogers

album: Collabs
genre: Folklore
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Steven Rogers of the Rogers-Tennison Band [RTB], 8-string bass and electric guitar,drum programming !! Steve created the original funky-**** track ....,...
Don't You **** on Me  !!    with./F.Jackson,Doc C ..S.Rogers
Farrell Jackson
09/07/19 03:13:22PM @farrell-jackson:
love this song ~ a groovy funky song with humor ~ as the saying goes I can relate ~ oh yeah some damn good organ playing in there too ...damn Wolfman you sure can play those keys
Hmmmm & just now reading the song info it may not be TLT/Wherewolf on organ ~ looks like Farrell ~ to my ears it is excellent organ playing & a great collaboration of musical talent ~ a feel good song to which I just gotta smile :D

Hi Moe, not me on organ. I'm on vocals and harmonica. DrC is the fantastic fingers on those outro B3 keys. Larry T is on the other keys. This is a late reply but thanks for listening! Farrell

03/14/15 11:47:26PM @moquinn:
love this song ~ a groovy funky song with humor ~ as the saying goes I can relate ~ oh yeah some damn good organ playing in there too ...damn Wolfman you sure can play those keys
Hmmmm & just now reading the song info it may not be TLT/Wherewolf on organ ~ looks like Farrell ~ to my ears it is excellent organ playing & a great collaboration of musical talent ~ a feel good song to which I just gotta smile :D

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:19:02PM @incarnate-word:
This is great. I love the lyrics very cool imagery and story telling put to an excelent array of talents. Great Job, Larry.
Lyrical Princess
02/10/09 12:29:08AM @lyrical-princess:
Hey Larry, I Remember Listening To This Awhile Back..
My First Impression Was WOW!! Very Cool Song.. It Even Got A Chuckle Or Two Out Of Me .. Excellent Music, Vocals & Those Lyrics are Awesome!!
Wonderful Collab... All The Best, Linda

10/02/08 11:11:44AM @slowmarchingband:
I like your one-chord-wonder better than mine man!! This is great! Excellent vox on this tune. Got that funky goove goin' on... Yow! harmonica & hammond too!! Just a good jammin' tune.. I gotta 'borrow' the hammond player someday! A talented bunch of guys fer sure...
Luca Wulf
08/21/08 01:58:06PM @huge-artist:
Excellent collab guys,and an intriguing title to boot LOL
Every one is on fine form.
Not a dull momment the whole way through.
Top notch musicianship guys and excellent production.
If they try to P on you,rub their noses in it,works everytime.
Good fun song with top notch musicianship.

06/06/08 07:12:15AM @venuestudio:
Guys, really nice tune! I usually have a problem with a lot of movement in a songs stereo field but this thing sticks together like glue. The instruments lace together so nicely and the vocals are creamy smooth! wonderful tune, thanks for sharing it.
04/25/08 10:39:48AM @gone-3:
very funky and fun ,
i think anyone can relate to this one
this is a excellent piece work
love it

04/24/08 09:38:05AM @brian-mattson:
Excellent funky collab! Put a huge grin on my face when I needed one in the worst way. Thanks for the good time!
04/17/08 06:32:17AM @ab2:
ehheeee...Loving this one guys...:-) Love that understated harp, OH not so understated now!...Fantastic vocals...This grooves like grooving just came into fashion...Excellent keys on this one...Such a funky vibe....ooowwwweeee...Is there no end to all this talent?....Lucky me to be here listening...:-) Is there a d/l?...Yes, :-) good..ehehhe

Peace n love mags xx :-)

Rogers-Tennison Band
04/16/08 11:08:28PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Not bad work, boys. Not bad at all. Phunk makes the world go round.
Doctor C
04/16/08 10:27:21PM @doctor-c:
This is one of the most fun collabs I've been involved in. Farrell made my day when he sent me the vocal track. Larry's right, you should be proud of this work, Farrell.
04/16/08 10:10:11PM @tlt50:
Farrell.........While, this track had a bit of funk going on............You ,my friend made this funky jam into a SONG !!! MY buddy Rog... Bass, guitar and drums created something special and DrC did his awesome work....... But Damn'... Mr. Jackson you did yourself proud ..!
me thinks..........THX,

WOLF *****

04/16/08 09:39:56PM @self-tort:
Wouldn't think of putting **** on you guys. THis is great stuff. Wonderfully funky beat that just keeps rolling on. I didn't pick Farrell's voice at first. Not many "country/folk singers" can funk like he can. Larry's laying down some great keys, and Doc's fingers are really giving those keys a workout and love the bass work. One of the best and most fun collabs I've heard. Great work guys. A real blast.



04/16/08 05:37:33PM @soundtrapper:
Oh now that's good, real good to me. Like candy to a sweet tooth.

Thanks Larry, gave me push to work harder. Much harder.

Farrell Jackson
04/16/08 05:15:43PM @farrell-jackson:
Right on Larry, cool you got it posted up! This song was so much fun to be involved with it's evolution. From the very moment that I heard the excellent funky drums, bass, guitar, and piano I knew it was going to be a blast working with these talented musicians and the funky groove. DrC, the organ solo is killer!

Farrell ( the country funk man, lol)

04/16/08 03:29:19PM @ab1:
this what i'm talkin about.. some happy funky good vibe stuff.. tongue in cheek lyrics with a dynamite up front in your face vocal mix.. diggin all that funk in the bass and geetar.. and them keys is just dyno boys.. that funky harp is the cherry on top.. this cake is double fudge with vanilla ice cream all up in that groove mang.. we is diggin it.. country funk is what this is.. white man funk.. and i ain't heard it much funkier than this ever.. no never.. yo bros.. a toast!! thanks for the DL you know i?m gonna lay some lines down wit ya'll.. cheers..
04/17/08 05:53:12PM @tcp:
Well, you throw all these skilled musicians on a funked up project and look what happens. Great grooving going on everywhere...LT and Doc on KBs and Steve on rhythm section. Add Farrell's lyrics and voice. Hey...really nice. Possibly the best song I've ever heard that required no chord change. Superior playing and vocals is a fun song and a great production. Kudos to you all. LT, the image works fine! ~Blake
10/10/08 12:49:12AM @piperon:
I believe the four missing letters of your song title should be "Don't You Dote on Me" or "Don't You Hook on Me". Yeah, that's one thing I am sure. LOL! The vocalist is definitely bringing out the essence of this pop rock music with the harmonica and organ pathing along. It is like Jazz for me too. Oops, sorry I always got mixed up with the genre or did you purposely mislead me with this music. Gorgeous music!!!

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

04/18/08 12:36:38AM @rob-hanlon:
Well done Larry and nice work guys. - Smooth, tasty groove and excellent performance by all.
Grumpy Old Player
04/19/08 10:30:45PM @thedonsterproject:
This has such a stong groove, that I think I threw my hip out while I was listening.

GREAT tune. Super fun to listen to, and speaking as a musician, it makes me want to pick up my guitar and play along with it.

It's on its way to my mp3 player!

04/17/08 08:47:16AM @richard-john:
Wonderful jazz/funk, infectious rhythm and very fitting, excellent deadpan vocal delivery. Very skillful and fun!

04/18/08 02:36:20PM @mark-cloutier:
funky and funny stuff!! can relate man--not good to be pissed on when one is down!!! from top to bottom--excellent work-catchy and groovy!!!!!!!!!!! mark
04/21/08 06:27:11AM @saitkoray:
Hi, my friend..i didn't have enough time to review...Anyway..superb natural sound...(my english so reviews always have same words..i am sorry) bu t very well arranged-perfored ...i do love your track...your al sounds have quality...
04/18/08 11:58:46AM @test200:
I've heard this a couple times now and I'm lovin it each time for different reasons. This is a ton of fun, I like the way the vocal is presented and the harmonies are so cool. Larry, your savy on the keys are a joy to listen to, groovy chops and stabs. You guys have got it goin on here, the harmonica shots really funk the groove. The piano and bassline, tight and creating a nice bed for the riffs. The feel of sunny days, head bobbin music and fun lyrics glow from this collab, congrats guys.


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