Get it Together

album: Night Games
genre: Instrumental
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An old friend sent me the bass track , and what a track it is ! Layered and sequenced using MIDI and Nuendo Software. The bass track inspired this song. The...
Get it Together
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 12:32:05AM @incarnate-word:
Damn! this track blew me away right from the start. I don't know what the hell is in this mix but I love it. Real funk nasty and smooth with an edge. This is an awesome track. this needs more airtime on the mix shows.
03/17/09 07:13:37AM @scanvoice:
This is treu candy for my ears.
Pumpin and inspiring at the same time.
Sounds real cool with a nice melody line.
Like this very much.
Grtzz ScanVoice

02/20/09 08:49:24PM @piperon:
This high flyer is definitely serene and electrifying, fusion mood that go a long way. My friend, you probably know by now, your sound range far exceeded mine. Is there a deal we can exchange our sound system right away? LOL! Ok, I will send you some pretty babes and make you drunk and then I will steal your sound range while you are struggling with those sexy and hot babes like this track. DEAL OR NO DEAL? Don't forget the lyrics too! HAHAHAHA!!!! With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
01/23/09 11:59:16PM @josephrodz:
This track have a groovy rythm and some awesome sound.
You always do great music and i wish someday we collab together brother Larry.

01/05/09 07:50:22PM @slowmarchingband:
Well, this got my blood pumping! Smooth sailing all the way. Very fluent and the playing/samples are impeccable! Refreshing. Moog style sounds. Composition and mix are top notch. This one is pretty tough to beat... Nothing short of a masterpiece! That 6 minutes went by awful quick...
09/25/08 04:07:35AM @elektronz:
classy track this with some sweet synthwork gelling solidly with the rock elemnts ,,cool tune matey has a progressive vibe which we like bigtime ..nice one
09/10/08 09:54:57AM @akashaman:
i think i hear the Z3ta & the Pro 53 in here , but not sure , lol.
some great synth lead work , really melodic & catchy.
this thing pumps along at breakneck speeds , but nothing gets lost :
love the pulsating synth !
super production & styling : groovy one :

thanks for comps over at my spot too !
u rok


08/15/08 09:54:41AM @test200:
From the 1st time I heard you on the keys Larry I knew you were one smokin player. A driving force but also melodic when needed. This thing just stomps along with great movement and some serious riffs. I love that fall that carries you to the next groove section. Sounding great as ever man!!
Doctor C
08/15/08 09:21:26AM @doctor-c:
Looks like everybody reviewed this track but me :-) Excellent work, Larry! Those synth lines are outstanding - both sine and saw. What instruments did you use? Great job on layering and counterpoint. Love that bass sliding down and the syncopated melody by the sinewave. Wonderful stuff!
08/05/08 03:25:22AM @the-deep:
Larry - i purely enjoy this composition. - Just wanted you to know i love to let it play , just because it's fine music- alot of aspects that i like.
Shane : )

07/12/08 12:41:02AM @avalanche:
Howdy Larry...

Ok I made it here. What an awesome track. Great drum sounds...killer playing...amazing synths...and super production and mix. This track has it all! Lots going on...and never cluttered. I love the flute sounding arpeggios on those synths...and a lot of those synth solos...they sound like old analog mini moogs to me. Nice and fat. Most excellent. I'm glad I got to this one.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

07/06/08 11:52:00PM @michael-palmieri:
Hello Larry Talbot,

"Get it Together" is terrific!

Glad to listen to your excellent music, electronic mastery and production skills!

all my best,
michael Palmieri

07/05/08 07:10:51PM @ked-records:
Larry you sly ole wolf... man this song is just amazing. the subtle groove the amazing rythym. Something tells me there is some serious talent underneath all that fur. Things i look for in songs are.. production values.. song crafting .. hook and feel. This song has like a hemi motor gobs of horsepower just waiting to let go.. yet held in check by a wise foot. Yes Larry you sly ole wolf.. this is an excelent tune for sure!!!!
07/05/08 04:22:02PM @piperon:
As always, the electrical synths are the signature of your talented musical skills. The soundscape is just too fine for me to digest, wish I can rob your sound system. LOL! Pardon me for my madness, your track just hynostised my mind. The warm synth is cool and the ducking synth path along like a companion sweety. The layering of the synths is one skill that I need to pick up to make this kind of professional music but I don't think I can ever have such soundscape.

With million of love from Singapore.

07/02/08 06:42:21PM @syngularity:
Larry, what a melodic electronica track with wonderful blend of moog leads and guitars this is... Great drive of original groove work and bass, - that's the soul of electronic music, and sooo powerful!

06/26/08 03:11:14PM @akashaman:
sure wish i could play synth like that ! man , this is a killer track. mono synth is sik. bass arps are layin it on thick. you really took off with this one ! love the ascending runs .. small guitar parts are fitting as well. lots of bounce & chirps , ha. its that the pro 53 i hear ? prob hardware tho. would love to collaberate on something sometime !

fave song so far..

Luca Wulf
06/23/08 02:24:32PM @huge-artist:
Oh yeah Larry...
This is GOOD mate!
Bag of energy.
Excellent rhythm and synth work.
The whole piece just feels ALIVE.
Full of movement,like something in the air.
Excellent arangement,each element is perfect,no clashing,no blurring,top notch.
One fo the best instrumentals I have heard this year for sure.
Excellent work Larry,this is a gem.


06/21/08 05:06:09AM @shane:
Friggin DELICIOUS-- !!! i love the mono synth , and the arp rythm base. - This track leaves me with just an all inclusive reaction of,, I LIKE IT !!!!!. I keep wanting to repeat that same point--- I love it. Listening to it , i feel like im truckin down the street , with the power and the will to really kik some ****. - only one problem,, i got no enemies to beat up. - i hope it stays that way.
06/16/08 04:50:02PM @robert-smith:
Wow Larry - this is fantastic, I love it!

You've got me grooving along to this effortless, cool and slippery, trance like piece of music. More than a fantactic start to the day. There's nothing as good as being inspired by other musicians.



06/16/08 01:26:03PM @mark-cloutier:
hit the floor and boogie all night long--killer synth work and beat like a fast train from hell!! superb guitar work as always--very enjoyable and love the sound of the drums!!
06/15/08 09:04:39PM @wrightdude:
Yeah! nice bas line... love that break down at 1:47... great mix of lead synth timbres! you really know how to work em!!!!
06/13/08 05:43:50AM @dazed:
awesome! Larry this track sounds great. Nice blend of genres in here to boot. To me you have created kind of a unique sound that really stands out. With that great bass line and the blend of keys it has a uniqueness to it. Then add in the power chords in the distance and I think you have created a fantastic sound!
Rob Grant
06/12/08 04:41:26PM @rayon-vert:
Very UPBEAT, LaWWY!! Just the way I like it :-). GREAT synth tones......loved the synth bass lines, especially around 1:50..and again around 4:30....the little walk down was cool. Great beat, lots of drive. Great Job, Buddy!!!

06/12/08 01:38:19PM @david-c-deal:
You are one talented musician Larry. Beautiful complex sounds and progressions. This song kept me "dancing" (my wife calls them seizures) throughout. What a nice happy feel you express.
Dave Deal

06/12/08 01:20:49PM @tcp:
Score a huge hit Larry!! Addictive and full of life my man! This just pops out at me. It's rock, it's funk, it's a little bit electronic and the arrangement is very interesting. Certainly no one can find fault in any's all so tight and awesome. Besides the very interesting rhythm section, your synths speak volumes to me. Really very cool lead parts and textures your using. Love the synth pitch downs!!! Totally tasteful bro. WOW!!

This one hits dead on, on all cylinders...with a bit of nitro too!! Awesome. Pure pleasure to listen to. Congrats on such another fine one!! ~Blake

06/11/08 11:49:00PM @henry-tarnecky:
Intelligent meld of percussion, bass and synth's Larry... it just has a great drivng feel ... the interplay of all the synth leads is seamless and very natural with the vibe of the backing music... my favorite aspect of this one. There's a lot to like... including the pro production ... great mix man!
06/11/08 05:22:44PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Larry, this is a very cool toon. Some fantastic sounding synth work along with the heavy guitar sound in the background. Fantastic percussion work as well. What I really love is the rhythmic bass. All around a really super tune that will appear on my SNR show this weekend!


06/11/08 05:07:25PM @bri-an:
aww the creative side of this toon...the tonal desend mid -way through was a slick move (IMO) ..added a "current "value to what sounds like 80's sounds.
..shades of "seal" instrumentation in the background.... really heightened my interest, as it washed perfectly with the excellent drum (beat-drive) programing...hats off to you there, I believe that's what makes it kooK!.
again, returning to the tonal desend at the outro...just made me smile and say...yaWWW!
Nice work Larry!! colorful and with mucho taste. :)

06/11/08 12:47:09PM @ab1:
love your drumming larry and the sweet synth melodies.. so cool when the bass glisses down.. then an awesomely tasty rhythmic synth solo from the wolf.. lots of background goodies too i hear.. reminds me more of jan hammer and the great fusion keyboarders then rock.. but it sure does ROCK!! rick is right.. warm sound.. excellent synths.. joyful music.. damn.. love that bass gliss down into the subs..but those solos from you are the feast for this beast.. keep howlin wolf.. WUF-WUF !!
07/06/08 01:37:20PM @saitkoray:
lovely intro with hard tension...very well written bass line...great performed and pro...five stars ***** (more stars neeeded for this unique track)
10/10/08 12:31:32AM @piperon:
Ok, I am getting myself together after hearing so many tracks in one take. And this cool sound really got me hooked, lovely trance sound with the synths. I just can't get rid of the attacking power of this track, so irresistable and fusion enlighted. The standard is definitely way pass mine, highest quality in the sound range.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

06/11/08 12:02:47PM @ab2:
Wow Larry....You`ve always been up there at the top of my favs list and with this one you surely hold your top spot...Yep, I can see why the bass inspired you...Fabulous work wherewolf...:-) ...:-) Meow...:-)

Peace n love mags xx :-)

Farrell Jackson
06/11/08 12:12:09PM @farrell-jackson:
Real nice Larry! It just flows along flawlessly. If your firend's bass track inspires this kind of creativity from you..... you should have him send some more over. Very good layering with the piano and synth sounds....what a great rhythm track!


06/11/08 04:05:46AM @self-tort:
Love it Larry. The rhythm track melds beautifully with the bass lines and you've really got that synth on fire. I don't know about the '80s feel. I found most 80s synth stuff pretty mechanical. This one rocks. Love the choices in tones of the various synth sounds and there's some wonderfully inventive layering of sounds and runs. Mixed beautifully. Love the way that there's so much happening, but nothing's getting in any one else's way. An absolutely classy rave-up. Congrats mate. Taking the download. Many thanks. Adding to favs




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