Howlin' at the Moon with Mad Dog Yosemite

album: Taste of the Wolf
genre: Folklore
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Inspired by the full moon....Mad Dog Yosemite and the WeirdWolves gather with one thing in mind to create..... One never knows what will transpire,but when...
Howlin' at the Moon  with Mad Dog Yosemite
01/11/17 10:42:15PM @tlt50:

Tricia........... awww thanks  beautiful soul.......!!~!

01/16/14 02:35:41PM @tlt50:
Yvonne.....~AwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooo~ *Sweet Soul*....Thank you :D
05/16/10 11:29:21AM @mark-cloutier:
Great stuff and that intro was fabulous! great adventure---relaxing and soothing walk in the moonlight!!keep howlin!!!!perfect way to close it as well!!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:54:49PM @incarnate-word:
This is great. I can feel the theme comming out on this. A full moon recording for sure. Larry you Rock my friend.
06/12/09 08:33:12AM @mark-reed:
This really was a fantastic listen. The mood you captured here is is special. Clever backing and some very nice melody work really makes this one stand out. Possibly my favourite of the day well done
Farrell Jackson
05/19/09 12:39:37PM @farrell-jackson:
Cool Larry! I can't believe I missed this one.....maybe I'm not late and just early for Halloween, yeah that's it, lol. Great layered sounds in this Larry and the guitar solo (Mad Dog) is wild!
OOoooooooooooo! Most fine!


04/28/08 01:04:53AM @jeremy-raboin:
Killer guitar in this one, I realy dig the groove. nice work.
Luca Wulf
04/05/08 12:40:28PM @huge-artist:
Ah,my fellow Wolf has been out howling?!

Well this one has it all doesn't it...
Superb atmosphere,and that lead synth is heavenly!!!!
REALLY love that sound.
Sings of mystery,excellent choice for the lead.
Also,some VERY nice bass work going on.
The guitar,well,forgive me I am a guitarist,so I have tos ay how much I enjoyed that!
Screaming :)
The song is as we say over here is "The bee's knees"

The howling at the end was perfect :)
Excellent work Larry!


03/03/08 09:02:19PM @test200:
whatta cool opening, thats a fine percussive movement to follow. oh I like that warbly synth. the lead line is working. ya the howling sounds leading into the git lead, very cool.
great grooves with atmospheric padding always hook me in, as this did..comical little howl at the end, lol for me..

02/24/08 09:16:56PM @henry-tarnecky:
Man the rhythnic groove generated is very cool.... and you keep it interesting Larry with the excellent sound choices and some very creative musical thoughts. Guitar lead was howling... as were the Wolves!
02/24/08 09:04:06AM @robert-smith:
Hi Fellas

Great music going on here. Love your style Larry, and this collab with MikeY has some real haunting elements to it. The gutiar playing is excellent and stays in character throughout.

Well done!

02/23/08 08:46:42AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Awesome piece Larry. Steady and smoooooooth!!!!! Excellent backdrop and very nice guitar work. Pads galore. Great job guys !!!!
Rob Grant
02/23/08 07:53:03AM @rayon-vert:
LaWWy!! SHWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEET! Love the beat, but topping it with such a nice easy layer of sound, is what makes it for me. Strings, choirs, and synths......MARVELOUS!!!
PS!! - I believe I have a whole LaWWy CD now...THANKS!!! :-)

02/23/08 05:39:52AM @ab1:
man wolf.. funky mikey.. I climbed 200 routes in yosemite so you know i'm down with this obviously funky jam.. great bass and beat larry man.. yosemite yoblonski.. you are sexy beyond funky.. this is got to be my download and jam wit ya'll for hours track of the month!!
that bass.. all those countersynths and guitars.. awesome when your solo comes in maikey.. man right on my money.. this is my kind of solo baby.. loved that tone.. just got me a vamp pro.. that's what i want to show.. distorted funkin soul.. thatnks mikey bro.. way to go yo..
awesome the wolf's call.. I just loved and grooved so hard to it all.. DL? oh please yes !!!

02/23/08 05:36:33AM @ab2:
It`s a catchy title Larry....Loving that sassy beat...This is what I call a groove...Wow....slinks along like a snake in the grass.....I`m LOVIN this...Sexy....A great collab guys....Love the howlin...............ehheeeeee...Cooler than cool.....

Peace n Love...

Margot, :-) xxx :-)

02/22/08 11:42:09PM @tlt50:
A special thanks to my howlin' brother,Michael Yablonski........aka ,,Mad Dog Yosemite ,for his outstanding work mixing,mastering and performing in this fun ,fun tune.....Thanks bro !!

Mad Dog Yosemite (MikeY) playing NS1 synth guitar, PRS electric guitar and some sound FX

Larry T..........

Michael Yablonski
02/22/08 05:20:18PM @michael-yablonski:
Larry......this turned out simply awesome.....lots of howlin', scary noises, synth ambiences....this Mad Dog Dude, got to get him on some of my tracks...LOL...Great Track my Friend! MikeY
02/22/08 08:33:03AM @that-never-was:
Yess, INdeedie, Love this one and the night time feeling you got with it. Nice driving song too for those long dark drives out to_______? Peace out man! :)
02/22/08 08:17:10AM @bri-an:
ooouuu yes sir!..lovin this. very seductive groove ...with a touch of strangeness in the mix. Enjoyed this very much..OOOooooOOOOOoooooooohhhhhh!!
02/22/08 01:18:54AM @rob-hanlon:
Larry - I flat out love your music. You're a groove master with top notch keyboard work. Excellent!
02/22/08 01:39:09PM @chrickon:
Awesome groove with some ripping and slingring guitars over it!! Love the warm sounding soundscape on it. Production is Excellent!!
A most enjoyable listening Larry !!

02/22/08 02:23:49PM @tcp:
LT Sir....really nice feel/groove/vibe. The song just motors right along with that slinky action painting a very cool picture. Very easy to image the full moon in this. Great pad selection and the guitar adds that extra essential flavor. Great production!! Very enjoyable my man!! ~Blake
02/26/08 12:04:05AM @steph-klish:
Hey Larry
Simply Awesome Bro
Great work on the grove to this track
Got me bobbin in my chair

Global Trancemission
02/23/08 03:04:23PM @global-trancemission:
Cool Track...the bouncy beat has almost a kind of Arabic / Eastern feel to it. Some great colourful sounds and FX used on this track and a nice guitar to top it all off. Good work and I enjoyed it a lot.
02/22/08 11:04:30PM @wrightdude:
Very nice! Must be a full moon tonight for sure!!!


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