Tale of the Wolf

album: Night Grooves with the Wolfman
genre: Halloween 2018
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Lots of  Sound bites....... with a great story line.
Tale of the Wolf
Lady Dove
10/21/18 10:44:24PM @ladydove:
((((I’m scared))))👀
10/13/18 10:34:51AM @ronbowes:
Very atmospheric and perfect Halloween fodder. Nice one Larry ;-)
10/12/18 10:47:04AM @lorne-reid:
Totally creepy Larry. Love it. Classic horror soundtrack
10/11/18 09:14:16AM @waveman:
cool stuff larry, lon chaney the original, those movies were classics hey

Ed, yes I grew up watching those movies as well. Thanks for listening and commenting, my friend.

Lon Chaney AKA Larry Talbot in the movie. :D

10/10/18 03:14:05PM @tlt50:
Farrell and Carol Sue, thanks so much for the listen and comments..... You both are the best. :)
Farrell Jackson
10/10/18 11:47:25AM @farrell-jackson:
A nice one for Halloween 2018 Larry T..... AKA TLT50 !
carol sue
10/10/18 05:59:36AM @carol-sue:
Just had to come by to listen to Tale of the Wolf..
AwooooOoooooo~ and what a wickedly cool tale he tells! :)


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