CHILLIN' ~~~~~~~~ !

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A tune about some late night Chillin'..... with a favorite lady !!Drum samples- Roland Fantom X6, midi triggering an XV-2020Roland sound module . For some of...
CHILLIN' ~~~~~~~~ !
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:03:33AM @incarnate-word:
this is great. it has a nice feel and keeps the groove just right in the head. definatly I'ed love to hear some guitar on this. I love the Piano in this, and as you may know I love piano period. great fingers of gold.
Lyrical Princess
09/05/09 05:03:20AM @lyrical-princess:
I loved this song the first time I heard it. I'm just wonderung why I never reviewed it before now.. You make Beautiful music & I hope that you will continue doing so.. Thank You so much for this wonderful treasure. It's a sheer pleasure to listen to.. It definately gets a full 5***** star rating from me..


03/01/09 10:06:07AM @hydrogen3:
LOVE this sound! Get down!! Holley :)
Doctor C
11/30/08 06:40:08PM @doctor-c:
Chilling it is! Superbly done, my friend. You're hands down one of the greatest groove masters of this community. Great rhythm section and instrumentation. An elegant and tasty track. Bravo!
11/29/08 12:46:56PM @the-autumleaf:
Superb Stuff Larry ..................... Just Chillin!!!! Every thing is so well done.... Lovely Number.... Mee too Chillin out on this
Jay from the Autumnleaf

Luca Wulf
11/29/08 11:57:38AM @huge-artist:
Oh this is class Larry...
Right from those opening key chords.
You nailed the vibe and the selection of instruments kept in in the sweet zone.
Beautifuly written piece this.
Perfectly titled.
Loved it mate,excellent track.


11/29/08 11:49:05AM @test200:
I love chillin Larry, it means I'm not Your key lines are always chillin, subtle melodic lines behind grooviness. Funky taste as usual, I like how you always let all the instruments have their say.
Now, its "Miller Time"

Farrell Jackson
11/29/08 11:12:11AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Larry this has a great, pull me in, groove and the piano sounds fantastic! I can see you chillin with your favorite lady at a late night club........Excellent!


11/28/08 02:16:37PM @jelly:
A tune about some late night Chillin'...




Lyrical Princess
06/28/13 12:55:14AM @lyrical-princess:
Just Reminiscing back in time.. Great times.. Awesome song!!
11/28/08 05:53:14PM @chris-moore:
Cooooooool! Everything in the right place, and that bass line is real sexy. Could sit here chilling out to this for a long, long, long time. Nice keys too, and that brief change just before the end suddenly makes you realise there was a bit of tension in there somewhere. This is art, this track. Subtle as hell and utterly effective. Really well done. Thanks for the chill, Chris.
11/28/08 05:58:05PM @mark-cloutier:
hi larry--finally got a chance to make some ropunds around here and man you never dissapoint--what agroove i think im gonna kick back and really take a chill pill!!ahhh-no need for a chill pill--the music is my escape to peaceful bliss!! thank you for the journey man--
Rob Grant
11/28/08 08:46:24PM @rayon-vert:
Very cool chillin' track......just what the beer needed......aaaahhh!!!! Cool groove with tasty piano and a slick bass.....the soloing was nice and sexy..........OOOOPS!!! In a manly kinda way.....well?? you know what I mean :-) GREAT TRACK, LaWWy!!

11/28/08 05:19:28PM @surfnorthwest:
Ahh this is the best one I have reviewed today. This one just drips with mojo. Powerfull use of the keys with good patch selection. Drums and bass keep everything rolling and allow for some great funky keys to come.

Very tasty all the way with some skilled playing. Excellent track!!

11/28/08 07:23:37PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Larry, I am most certainly chillin' to this great little tune! Love the groove you got going here. Very nice lead plays on the various instruments. Dig that piano, man! Will be on my show for sure!



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