album: From here to There
genre: Instrumental
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In honor of those ....that gave everything........Peace.  Created on the Roland Fantom X6 Keyboard !~!
04/08/20 03:25:33PM @cheryl-nye:
Really beautiful, Larry! All your music is sublime, heartfelt, and captivating!! :) xoxo
01/10/19 04:32:27AM @freudian-slip:
Man...that is nice. A subject close to my heart. The vibe catches it nicely. Sweet piece of music......Bruffie
05/31/18 09:41:57AM @lorne-reid:
The peaceful nature of this is perfect to remind us why we have that peace.
Peter G Davies
01/19/18 06:11:45PM @peter-g-davies:
The fact that you can actually play the keyboard compels me to offer my great respects. This is a very nice piece. Definitely for those that gave everything. And for everybody else too... Pleasant listening..
11/14/17 03:06:23PM @tlt50:
Joe , thanks for the kind words ,my friend. Chris ,what an amazing review,,,,,,you made my day ! I can't thank you enough brotha'..I do enjoy the Roland... Stay awesome... my friends..!~!
11/13/17 02:09:13AM @joegande:
Beautiful track Larry!! So soothing and uplifting!! Bravo!!
11/12/17 09:06:48PM @chris-moore:
Beautiful wistful feeling to this, Larry, the interplay between the piano and bass is SO well done, and the dancing whistle on top gives me a sunshine after the rain feeling. Lovely composition (aren't these Roland's great?). Play on, Mr Wolf 😃
09/14/17 09:40:19AM @robert-smith:
Hi Larry - this has such a beautiful and gentle feel to it. I really like the flute luke sound.

05/27/17 08:31:36AM @kephas:
Beautiful Larry! Such sublimity! Love it... :)
Gary Shukoski
11/23/16 12:04:31AM @gary-shukoski:
Very upbeat and happy track here! Love that lead sound and what you're doing with it!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:19:19AM @incarnate-word:
man what an incredible talent you are. this song shows once agin that the Wolf is the Artist of the month. Great Job and Congrats.
Lyrical Princess
02/24/09 07:52:51PM @lyrical-princess:
This song is really Beautiful Larry.. Very warm peaceful feeling about it.. I really enjoyed it..
It definately gets a full star rating from me.. And, Thank You for the D/L :) Lots Of Love ~*~

01/15/09 10:06:59AM @test200:
hi Larry, hows the man...I'm feeling great after such a nice flowing and softly spoken tune. Warm string pad just nicely carpeting the floor behind your freedom lead. Always upbeat and enjoying life type of track from you, never disappoints. Have another fine year my friend.
07/25/08 09:52:20PM @vesa:
Checkin' out some tunes that may have passed by likely, -this is a great instrumental...very lovely keyborad work, with that sweet synth 'flute' sound; they have a great chemistry; match up is very good...I'm altered into a misty morning atmosphere of new hopes and ventures. Like the melodic; good sound blend...Fine production. Most enjoyable.
EXCELLENT****This simply shines sweetly.
-Your friend. -Vesa. Feel much uplifted now. Thanks.

07/23/08 03:04:02PM @beau:
This song has a very calming, reassuring feel. The chord sequence gives it a very noble feeling. The pipe sound you are using imbues the proceedings with an international flavor. It kind of reminds me of something Steve Winwood might do. Nice job!
07/22/08 09:10:20AM @tcp:
LT! I really admire the sensitivity in this piece...the panpipe(?) sound with the clav/piano is just a great melody...perfectly played too. Of course the bass line supports these features superbly. Excellent, my friend! ~Blake
06/06/08 03:32:00AM @chrickon:
Hey Larry ! This is really a sweet piece! nice sounds and beautiful melody.
Smooth as h*** :)
Enyojed it very much!


06/03/08 04:38:07PM @richard-john:
Imaginative arrangement and a very beautiful melody.

05/26/08 02:33:27AM @ab1:
this is really sweet larry.. sounds like spring music.. sunny.. gentle.. a very uplifting piece of music.. you are the nicest wolfman I ever heard.. the rhythmic piano is just lovely with the wispy playful synth.. thanks for the total good vibes feel that sounds sincere and real..
05/26/08 12:34:24AM @ab2:
Beautiful, easy listening for 6.30 in the morning. :-) Gorgeous Larry...I`m so pleased I took the trouble to look through the new songs list to find this little gem which will be finding a cosy resting place on my hard drive...:-) Thanks so much for the down load..:-)

As always, peace and much love Mags xx :-)

Rob Grant
05/24/08 10:47:19AM @rayon-vert:
LaWWy, I LOVED the synths on this track. The piano was very cool.....the song has a very airey feeling about it. It really cheered me up this morning. Thanks for that, Bro!!


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