Joined at the Heart

album: Collabs
genre: Instrumental
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One of my personal favorites. Written for a Valentines Day release many, many, years ago..... Featuring the amazing Tom Larson on lead piano.     
Joined at the Heart
01/19/12 07:22:34AM @mark-cloutier:
Very enjoyable early morning listen--great vibe and light hearted! two hearts in sync!!!
Lonesome wolf
01/31/11 11:52:32AM @paul-grimwood:
From one wolf to another....
Brilliant,brilliant song this.
Melody is class A 1..Everythng magic-Paul

09/16/10 10:22:38AM @cooter:
LT, I'm blown away. This is a great prop-up-the-feet and enjoy, tune... and that's exactly what I'm doing. And it's quite comfortable, too.


Luca Wulf
06/03/10 03:11:58PM @huge-artist:
Joined at the heart,nice expression.

This oozes warmth.
It's beena warm,sunny day here.
Early evening now,trees are swaying outside my window as this plays.
Somehow,it just fits.
It's got summer in it's soul.

And I love the fact that is an epic piece.
IF you get into a groove with a piece and it's setting the scene,the worst thing of all is if it's too brief.
This just flows on,and all the better for it.

Beautiful summer day song.
Greatly enjoyed.
First class.

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:23:11PM @incarnate-word:
very sexy little peice larry. you really make this song very personal and energetic. I love the mixture of the keys and different texturers. Great Job.
12/17/09 12:11:35PM @genghisken:
Excellent lead in, the pipes are just the right touch, great keys! Energetic drum track without stealing the light. Overall super production and a great listen!
12/17/09 10:03:13AM @richard-john:
Very cool, melodic track! Fine musicianship and wonderful production. Love the pan pipe touch.

12/16/09 11:26:08PM @buddrumming:
Hey it Bro...u are smokin on this the piano and keyboards .....nicely done...u rock...Thx, Bud
12/17/09 04:57:38PM @david-c-deal:
Fine song Larry. (the picture kind of turned me on to :)
Beautiful work.


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