Love the Funk

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My favorite music has always been funk,,,, The best band I was ever in, was a horn band. I guess it's in my blood....LOL Drums ....samples- edited-looped...
Love the Funk
07/14/13 11:54:28PM @catherine-hill:
This is just awesome!!!!! You are brilliant Larry :-))))
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:17:18AM @incarnate-word:
Killer snap pop funk and groove. I love the drums in this the bell on the cymbol isa great effect in here. Damn! its almost hard to imagine this was all The Fantom but it is and man what an excellet match- you and the keys. Great Job.
stand up and say Hell Yeah! for he Wolf Studio

10/03/08 10:48:55AM @blue-sahara:
Oh my Larry, this is soo cool. I love the deep, lush sub bass in there which seems to carry the whole song ahead. Very nice - well written and the mix sounds very clean! Totally dig this tune :-)

08/26/08 03:02:36PM @chrickon:
Larry !! this is Funkalicous funky:) super tight groove with a really cool Horn arrangement. Great production and performance!!!
Recorded live at ??? :)


Luca Wulf
08/18/08 02:53:21PM @huge-artist:
Once again,a very different piece from you Larry.
Funk genre is largely a mystery to me.
But this all flows very nicely indeed.
Class musicianship and arangement.
Seems to be waiting for a lead vocal?
Stands well without one,but feels like it could support a vocal as well.
Nice work as always mate.


08/11/08 11:22:45AM @soul-sketch:
Makes me want to dance Larry :))))) Funky! :)
08/08/08 02:48:40PM @mark-cloutier:
tight funkiness here larry!lookie out james brown cause wherewolf is in town!!groovy across the board!
08/03/08 12:14:29PM @ab1:
yep this is funky aight.. your band is tite.. man 70s to the bone..commodores kool and the gang type tones.. you got them horns and beat in the zone.. sub bass in just the right place.. your grooves is always ace.. poppin and bobbin.. thongs droppin.. lol.. yo wolf.. top shelf.. :-)
08/02/08 01:36:59PM @zzaj:
Track brings on imagery of the '70's wild & kra-zee party animals we had runnin' around (before RAVES, of course). Anyone remember KayCee & the Sunshine Boys? Git on up & SHAKE those hips. I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who want some FUN in the listen.
07/26/08 05:27:25AM @robert-smith:
Great sounds, great mixing and groove. What a wonderful musician you are! You could be selling this stuff, its comparable to anything I've heard. The bottom end is always clear and solid, which is what I love to hear. You are one funky monkey!
07/25/08 03:33:04PM @avalanche:
Hi Larry...

Tight as nails...great production. Drums sound great...and the horn runs are super cool.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

07/25/08 09:01:27AM @tcp:
Tasty bit o funk here LT...with the rhythm section pumping it out, done up with the signature TLT50 horn players! All done with your trademark style I could easily identify 1,618 miles away. Very cool indeed Larry...Blake
07/25/08 08:47:34AM @that-never-was:
Great Funking song dood! Its tight! Rock on! :)

William - That Never Was

07/25/08 07:44:51AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Larry - big fan of funk here, man! You guys are killing me. I have to remember to download this one for my next show, this coming show is already "booked". I really dig the whole comp. Great rhythm section, great horns... love that staccato like bass, man. Really top notch stuff!


10/10/08 12:45:06AM @piperon:
I like the beat and sensational bassline, Larry. You got so much to offer, one after another. The charming part of your music is it get people hook on the swing not wanting to get over it too fast. It is like tasting the wine, slow and steady and the best is at the bottom. Wow, this is killing stuff for me. I will be drown in the wine pool already.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

09/02/08 09:26:45PM @wrightdude:
oh yeah... thats funkin it! gotta 70's cop show vibe.... funky style!
08/03/08 02:43:54PM @loren:
i would like to see your crazy funkalitious selves live.
08/10/08 02:09:53AM @ab2:
heeh...Larry, such an upbeat funky tune from you...spirit`s rising as I listen to this...Love your grooviest of grooves...:-);-)This is where it`s at...:-)

peace n love mags xx :-)


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