As Time Passes By

album: Time will Tell
genre: Instrumental
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 "As time passes by".... yes it does. One of my favorite tracks....Hope you enjoy...*Peace* Percussion....samples ,  arranged and looped, the rest created...
As Time Passes By
02/23/13 07:38:54PM @catherine-hill:
This is a beautiful piece of music Larry, I can see why it's your favourite. So many beautiful sounding instruments, each one complimenting each other. The mix is perfect!!!!!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:27:55AM @incarnate-word:
What a superb listen Larry. this is a great and easy listening peice. Love the Guitar and the sax. excellent mind melting melody.
10/05/09 02:39:23PM @soundtrapper:
Listening to your tunes and this one really got to me.
The arrangement is powerful.The acoustic and orchestration - beautiful blend. Excellent production.-jeff

03/31/09 11:32:37AM @slowmarchingband:
Hey Lar! I was digging thru yer songs when the title caught my eye. Beautiful acoustic and synth work! The composition alone is note-worthy! Easy going vibe and can paint a hundred pictures. This is really well done and is just another facet of your musicality. Bravo!
10/29/08 03:08:08PM @ooooooooooooooooooooo:
It's incredible, every track i listen from you takes me on a journey, you create some beautiful and mystc atmospheres, i can listen tho your tracks for hours..but you might wanna end this one so abrubtly...
10/28/08 11:55:57PM @jason-parra:
This track is fantastic, from the intro/soprano and orchestration to the shaker and tambourine ...
The guitar is great, the only beef I would have is its too short!
Well Done..........

10/28/08 07:50:36PM @test200:
Larry baby, I'm deep into this mix, Great lead synth work springing through nicely around the track. Yes..some wheel work to. Atmosphere and flow are spreading its wings and taking off...wha??? its over, are you teasing me?, great stuff wolfie the keyboard guy.
10/28/08 07:06:03PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Wow, masterful work Larry. This piece really caught me off guard, in a good way ;-)

Loved the entire piece, oh so colorful !!!!


10/27/08 01:42:14PM @david-c-deal:
Wow, the beauty of your mix and pallet is overwhelming right from the get go. Really gorgeous!
David C Deal

Doctor C
10/26/08 06:27:02PM @doctor-c:
Amazing work! The melody is to kill for. The whole track is superbly musical. How on earth did you manage to get this acoustic guitar sound out of Fantom X??? I used to own that machine but I sold it because I was unable to do THIS. Man, your versatility is simply amazing...
10/26/08 12:43:27PM @the-autumleaf:
Great Melody .it was real pleasure listening to it . It could have gone for some more time may be a minute more but then probably one would have asked more again. It is great Music .


10/26/08 09:51:09AM @dazed:
Larry this is awesome! I also listened twice hehe. That is why shorter songs are good. Leave them wanting more! Brilliant composition on this one Larry. Clean mix with masterful musicianship!
10/26/08 09:22:49AM @soundtrapper:
Larry in all honesty..if this was completed with an ending it would be one of the finest tunes I've ever heard. Fresh ears listen this morning and sound quality is just amazing. This is very high caliber production, writing and musicianship. Hat's off.
Maybe the ending is fine and I just wanted more...excellent Larry.


10/26/08 06:43:47AM @mark-reed:
I enjoyed this so much I listened to it twice, great rhythm guitar line, just a super piece can't fault it well done
10/28/08 05:51:05PM @bri-an:
Hey Larry..for such a short sure packs a melodic punch!...the foundation is layered nicely with the strings/harp/and just a hint of middle eastern flavour.
the absence of a dominate beat is what sends it over the top in my books as a composition that sets a mood instantly..and holds.
well done...nice vision & resolve.


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