In Your Arms

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In Your Arms
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 01:12:11AM @incarnate-word:
whoops. got lost in this one I love this both with and without vocals. man what a talent. this is great I am loving the mellow grove to it and it has that love song feel to it. excellent work man.
Chris Georgiou
06/06/09 09:43:51PM @chris-georgiou:
Larry, this is just an awesmoe-outstanding song, its absolutly perfect in any it ...thanks for this master piece of music....shine on my friend...Chris
05/14/09 10:45:14AM @soundtrapper:
This is very good.Excellent arrangement and production.Something I can't quite put into words-the instruments blend so well and I can almost hear Springsteen singing along.-jeff
03/17/09 11:50:28PM @digger-stone:
i've never heard a slow one from you ww, and as i was pushing the player button, i was sayin to my self i'll bet this is good! yup! i'm right! this is sweet as hell bro. a real smoth jazz thing to me. damn dude, that makes two from you gone straight into my favs! smooth brother.---------->digger
Degrees of Freedom
03/05/09 07:09:33PM @degrees-of-freedom:
This is a very tasteful track. Good musicianship and all the sounds work well together. Another good effort, keep it up!!
01/16/09 06:00:22PM @david-c-deal:
Ahhhhhhhh, a smooth warm night, laying by the fire with snow falling outside. You capture the moment!
David C Deal

Luca Wulf
11/29/08 12:00:38PM @huge-artist:
Lot ofattention to detail.
I can feel the work put into this...
That smooth synth,moogish?...
Perfection as the lead instrument.
Real nice sense of atmosphere and intimacy.
Excellently played as always,just another solid gold composition IMHO.
Cannot fault it.


11/15/08 10:41:14AM @blue-sahara:
Larry my friend ... sorry it took me sooooo long to finally tune in to your latest work of art. And art it is. I absolutely love the piano work in the background, nice flowing pattern. The synth joining the party was a great idea too. The acoustic guitar has a warm sound and could be brought forward more, imo.
An excellent piece to relax, chill out and to simply forget daily routine. Thanks for that pal. :-)

11/10/08 09:46:38AM @test200:
Larry my man, I heard this the other day but didn't get a chance to comment, I remember it being such a smooth and soothing composition. Listening again, I really dig the lead play on the keys, you have a great feel for it. Piano nicely fills with the strings, and a touch of acoustic. Infectious and warm stuff that sends out the feeling to the listener, ya just want to loop it.
11/09/08 07:00:27PM @buddrumming:
Larry ...u just keep amazing me....what a beautiful piece of music...Love it ...takes me to another world....:)Thx, Bud
11/08/08 04:30:45AM @the-autumleaf:
Hi Larry smooth Song with wonderful piano work lovely pleasant feel loved it

Jay From TheAutumnleaf

Rob Grant
11/07/08 02:32:03PM @rayon-vert:
LaWWy..........NICE!! I can feel your FuWWy Face next to mine.....hehehehehe....KIDDING!!!! (NOT that there's anything wrong with it) (Shesssh!!!) Ok, Is that a lyricon? Well.....whatever the intrument or simulation, I LOVE the sound and the feel it gives. This song is excellent, full of feeling, emotion, sensitivity........I find it very VERY relaxing and MUCH needed. THANKS!!!

11/06/08 03:40:58PM @waiting-for-helen:
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Larry, I could feel her in my arms! What more can I say.
Peace, Tony

11/05/08 05:46:21PM @mike-kohlgraf:
WOW, Larry ... you out-did yourself with this vibe! I am absolutely lovin' it ... wouldn't be surprised if this tune would be played by all three DJs, but it will certainly be played on SNR!!!!


11/04/08 11:39:03PM @dazed:
Larry you write so damn well. great sound and sweet melody. This one just flows so nice. the piano melody is superb. I could really hear some vocals on this one. very nicely done!
Doctor C
11/04/08 09:12:38PM @doctor-c:
This is simply beautiful! Each and every note is exquisitely crafted. The whole atmosphere is so relaxing and smooth... The sound of the lead is superb! Would make it a bit louder though... Please don't tell me this piece was also done entirely on Fantom X or I'll be tempted to buy it again :-) BTW, have you had any experience with the new Fantom G series? I've heard some very polarized opinions about it. It would be nice to know a grandmaster's thoughts about that machine...
Farrell Jackson
11/04/08 02:46:05PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Larry, this has such a cool and calming sound to it! The piano sounds excellent and very full. The subdued drums are just right and the melody just flows along like cool water..... a very enjoyable listen!


11/05/08 02:43:28AM @shane:
Man i love this. - Larry it's a beautiful composition and production.
In Your Arms is fulfilling to listen to. !!!

11/07/08 02:27:08AM @mike-lynn:
This is really a beautiful piece and absolutely soothing & pleasant. Thanks for sharing.
11/07/08 03:36:12AM @michael-styron:
Yes Beautiful song , Excellent.. Great work larry ..
11/04/08 06:41:40PM @soundtrapper:
What a great listen. Excellent sounds and the feel is a very cool groove with beautiful relaxing melody. Very classy work. Loved it.


11/16/08 02:51:34PM @vesa:
This is a marvelous tune...I'm a real lover of good piano playing, so relaxing this is, yes it has a floating feeling easily drifting one's mind across the liquidly realm of the synapsis into the inner core of the brain and of course it culminates by staying in one's soul. A most heartfelt tune; love the synth expressing well along with the piano, sounding like a flute. A superb piece. Just what I needed, -this one is going into my faves for sure. You captured a great melodic feel here; most inviting piece of artistry. Thanks for the pleasure Larry. Great to hear you again.
Your friend & fan. -Vesa.

Lyrical Princess
11/04/08 05:21:36PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Larry, This song is Beautiful. Very relaxing...I really enjoyed it, and will be back.. Best Wishes, lonesome princess


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