Late Night Cruisin' Featuring KED

album: Collabs
genre: Techno eclectic rock
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" describes this track....FEATURING the great guitar work of KED. Specials thanks Mr. bear, for his AMAZING  MUSICIANSHIP Drums and...
Late Night Cruisin'  Featuring KED
11/19/10 12:59:12PM @djbeccac:
nice track, I luv the vibe from this, def like going down the highway or riding around the big city . Great work
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:34:30PM @incarnate-word:
I love the way this one hits you at 60 mph and keeps going. great Guitar work and execellent keys. Production is flawless. Great Job.
Music Odyssey
11/21/09 05:27:50PM @music-odyssey:
Very cool song. Makes me wanna get to my car and drive =)
03/11/09 04:59:02PM @soundtrapper:
Exciting feel.Reminds me of younger days driving down interstate heading to Denver on a Saturday night.
Good stuff!-jeff

03/03/09 02:57:43PM @that-never-was:
Everytime i turn around you have another great new tune out. Thats fine by me, your always giving us some great new music. Fantastic playing from Ked also. Great stuff guys, Great playing and recording WW owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww .

03/01/09 07:24:03AM @saitkoray:
like a ambient...great atmosphere production....superb collab....guitar has blues sound and i do love friend this is wonderful job....bravo...
02/28/09 09:09:47PM @soundtrapper:
Great teamwork. Easy to get locked in and just enjoy.
Another ace production and stellar musicianship. A howl and a growl...sure works for me!

Lyrical Princess
02/24/09 01:31:51PM @lyrical-princess:
Leaning Back In My Seat, Enjoying The Ride.. Very Relaxing.. Have To Say That This Is A Wonderful Collab., Done By Two Very Brilliant Musicians... All The Best, Linda
02/24/09 06:45:04AM @josephrodz:
A killer collab!
Polar Bear & Werewolf = Perfect combination.

02/24/09 03:07:39AM @the-autumleaf:
Superb !!!!! Great Production and great playing by Both .....Larry and KED....That how to Jam !!!! Techno Rock Vibe....Excellent collab as expected when Both of you get together
Jay from The Autumnleaf

02/23/09 06:02:21PM @digger-stone:
this is really cool, love that tecno rock vibe here!

guitars sound great! production is real nice. gotta give this a dig!

Rob Grant
02/23/09 05:38:20PM @rayon-vert:
Hmmmmm?!?!?!?! When and Wolf and a Bear get together, there's bound to be some furocious sounds.....It's a pretty even duel here. It actually really fits the pic of the two cars.....Very cruizzzzzeee nice. A very well controlled pace, but exciting.....just the same. GREAT JAM, GUYS!!!

03/05/09 09:15:03AM @tcp:
another fabulous production out of the very busy Wherewolf studio. Aptly named, this one moves forward like butter on a hot highway. Great interplay of keys and KEDs rhythm and leads. This is really very tasty stuff and so easy to love...great job Larry and KED!! ~Blake
02/26/09 09:35:33PM @self-tort:
If you're going to be cruising round playing this, then expect to pick up a lot of

Love the energy Larry. It brings to mind flashing lights, fast cars and the hurly burly of a big city late at night. Ked does a superb job on the lead. Some very deft synth touches add that exttra bit of magic to a superb piece of work. Congrats.



Juri R
03/02/09 02:00:12PM @grand-jury:
Love this arpeggiated backin',-really conveys the sense of moving/cruisin'.Nice guitar wailin' is absolutely spot on.Thumbs up!!Great collab!!


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