DARKSIDE...."The Return"

album: Taste of the Wolf
genre: Soundtrack
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  Song Information have choices , always feed the good wolf. Peace, Larry T.
DARKSIDE...."The Return"
Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 11:58:39PM @gary-shukoski:
This has a darkness about it. Kinda spooky!
10/30/15 07:14:40PM @piyali:
Really love this composition dear Larry! Very creative and spooky, as well as beautiful. Has an eerie charm to it! :D Loving my listen!
06/05/10 04:46:30AM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
As usual, very clever ideas.
love your mixes and arrangements.

Incarnate Word
03/06/10 12:18:35AM @incarnate-word:
Dude you have some kicking sounds going on . excellent listen. love the panning of the synth. I can't believe i didn't get here sooner. Nice and Phat like a juicy red Steak. hehe a little wolf snak there.
Farrell Jackson
10/22/09 04:05:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Right on Larry! A perfect Halloween dark mood....and I'm sure I heard a wolf howl in there, lol. I like all the little extra sounds that you've put in the way you tease the listener with the horns and the drums. Nice work!


10/07/09 07:54:52AM @mark-cloutier:
Been some time-my apologeeze--very relaxing as i awake and sip my coffee! Dynamic-and funky cool--the synth work is terrific--well stated-not overstated! excellent!
Luca Wulf
10/01/09 02:37:36PM @huge-artist:
Some very clever sound manipulation going on..
Sliding backwards....
Nice table as well.
All adds to that tribal mysticism feel.
What I Really liked about this piece was the little "pools of light"
There were just moments when there seemed like a ray of hope,a ray of sun in an otherwise dark wilderness.

Very strange world this Larry...
Not exactly menacing,but the potential that it could well turn out that way.

Greatly enjoyed.


09/29/09 09:53:12AM @tcp:
Oh my, just love the vibe and artful use of fx, swells, and other sounds pulled out of TLT's magic bag of tricks. Driven by the rhythm, this shows the great talent you've got in arrangement and production. Dark, yet not scary dark, this is a very slick tune that gets underneath the skin. Awesome Larry!! ..Blake
09/29/09 07:30:31AM @mel:
Hi Larry, Darkside kind of leads you along a path where you know it will be scary but you still go! LOL...Lots of different sounds almost like a bat flapping in the distance, ghostly shakes and shivvers. You have such imagination and share it with ease like the great performer that you are. Melsi
09/27/09 08:53:25PM @bigpete:
very good production sounds really spacious, great mood piece something is wrong and we feel the tention, great job Larry, funny I just posted a Halloween track to, every undead body is getting into the spirit. (thats number 3 for me, I love Halloween, lol)
09/27/09 07:55:24PM @monas:
Nicely balanced all round and a phantasmagoria of sounds. Shakes my Sunday night.


09/30/09 07:50:12AM @saitkoray:
Hi Larry...I missed your new songs but sometimes i come here and listen your great music...great usage of synth & Fx sounds. I do love this..great music..
Lyrical Princess
09/20/10 02:55:26AM @lyrical-princess:
Cool Picture.. Like the way this starts off slowly and then slightly picks up... Sounding like the wind.. All the different sounds give it a wonderfully spooky feel.. Am listening in the dark & keep feeling like someone or something is lurking behind me.. Too afraid to turn and look.. Song is over & am turning the light back on.. lol
Very nicely put together.. Come to the Darkside.. We have cookies :) Love This *****

All My Best,

09/28/09 08:11:40AM @mark-reed:
This shivers, liked the various flavours you added throughout. This is a well composed piece, and a seriously good listen well done


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