Lucky Day/Jupiter Coyote with TLT50 on keys

album: Collabs
genre: Southern Rock/Jam Band
streams: 1,020

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This is southern rock...jam band at it's finest.A friend sent me this song.I just couldn't help myself,I HAD to start jammin' along. If you like this kind...
Lucky Day/Jupiter Coyote with TLT50 on keys
06/23/17 02:05:44AM @tlt50:
Farrell and Av.....thx guys , appreciate the kind words..
04/07/17 10:28:11PM @avmo:
Great Groove on this Tune!
Farrell Jackson
01/11/17 10:24:16AM @farrell-jackson:

My Man Larry T. this is such a cool, cool, cool Jam! I loved all 11 minutes of it! It has touches of funk, rock, jazz and Southern Rock all wrapped into one fine jam song with some excellent instrumental solos. I may be a couple years late listening to this but I'm so glad to have found it now! You rock brother muso!


04/27/14 03:43:24PM @tlt50:
Toni..... you're awesome.... I couldn't resist....and of course it was a blast... :)
Barefoot Music
04/27/14 03:39:30PM @barefoot-music-group:
Really love the groove this jam has. I like the southern undertones with that bit of 'twang' very much. It's smooth upbeat tempo works so well in lending an ambiance that makes for great listening. Sounds like you enjoyed it too.
09/13/10 12:51:01AM @cooter:
You certainly did the tune justice, Larry. Nice.
Luca Wulf
09/07/10 09:38:15AM @huge-artist:
So many very nice elements working together.
That VERY gentle harmonic intro into the wah was just perfect.
It's pretty clear that all involved know their way around a good piece.
Perfect sense of he rise and fall.
Each one given their spot,and each so up to the task.
Slide guitar :)
Perfect,very violin like.
Piccalo flute.
Seriously,this has got it all.

Well it could have gone on and on and on.
It would have gotten a standing ovation live.

06/11/10 01:57:35AM @stoney-ian-burrage:
Wow what a cool funky vibe and great production me movin and thats not easy these days :O)

COOOOoooooool Ian

03/17/10 12:08:18AM @wes-henrard:
I enjoyed this one alot. It had a cool funky moe tow type rhythm and an awesome bass line to add. Another awesome piece
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 05:48:27PM @incarnate-word:
yes I have to say this is a very cool jam. I love the electric piano it fits perfectly as if it was written for this. Great Job.
02/21/10 09:28:54PM @rebecca-lapping:
Larry - Loved this beat -- you should give it to Jim for the Jazz show! Hope all is well -- Rebby
02/21/10 09:28:51PM @rebecca-lapping:
Larry - Loved this beat -- you should give it to Jim for the Jazz show! Hope all is well -- Rebby
01/21/10 10:58:47AM @david-c-deal:
Very pleasurable funky jam song. Keys superb as always!

Mista Perez
01/20/10 09:14:50PM @mista-perez:
lol@ run out of beer. Now on to the listen. Greatly recorded. Long track but well worth the listen.
bill b
01/20/10 07:26:43PM @bill-b:
Long jam w electric piano, guitar , drums and funky bass. Various guitar solos with different tones, piano a bit low in the mix in places. Well recorded fun track with minimal vocals. Reminds me of something like Little Feat in parts.
Long but fun, you could run out of beer.

05/19/10 05:28:30PM @sumofthedaze:
this rocks !
05/19/10 05:36:58PM @sumofthedaze:
nice touch with the rockin flute towards the end or is that a recorder ? as long as it was , when the end came , i was still wanting more !


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