Irresistible Vibes......

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Irresistible Vibes......
02/03/11 01:26:38AM @n0mad23:
A while back I got turned onto the genre called "Chillout." It's basically an upbeat (and usually rhythmic) subgenre of Ambient and was created to help dancers come down a bit in a back room at raves.

This song has all the qualities of that genre, in the most exemplary of ways. In fact, for anyone seeking to make Chillout music, look no further: the Wherewolf has nailed it in the most profound of ways.

The emotions that are conveyed in the tones and textures here is truly mind-boggling. How can so much sensory information be carried in something seemingly so sparse?

I am humbled and in awe of your gift. Added to my list of favorite Mixposure songs.

03/17/10 04:39:46PM @microjazz:
This is a lovely smooth production - cracking job.
02/21/10 10:11:37AM @tcp:
Just let's the mind wander and has that liberating feel to it. I agree with all those.....lush soundscape with beautiful themes running through. Well thought out and perfectly executed. Very, very enjoyable LT!!! You're a master with ambient textures. ...B
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 12:43:42AM @incarnate-word:
This is very lush. I love this track it has a very transedential feel to it and it has an excellent intro. I love the way it opens up and reopens up at each bridge. very cool and peacful vibe here.
01/24/10 09:33:16PM @piperon:
Fantastic instrumentation, really love the way you craft this tune. So soothing and relaxing, comprising the edges of serenity. Love the intro, then follow by a soft rock makes the mood change effectively. Linda will be a very happy lady. Eyes are the windows of the soul.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

01/23/10 12:53:38PM @bigpete:
wow Larry like said before, real impressive production the mix is awsome and the performance is equal to that, love the way the brige just flows in, great work my friend, truly enjoyed. Production on the drums is remarquable.
01/22/10 11:47:03PM @david-c-deal:
Fine, beautiful soundscape Larry. Production is clear as a bell. A very satisfying feel to this song. Oh, and I don't know where you found that picture, but it is mezmerizing for sure! lol

01/24/10 10:42:10AM @slowmarchingband:
Such a beautiful, ambient piece.. The piano sprinkles are a really nice touch. You've created such a peaceful mood setting with this one. I have the headset on and this really carries me away Larry! Lush, synth pads. Wonderful, creatve composition that I enjoyed immensely!! Sunday mornings don't get any better than this my friend...




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