Full Moon Groovin'

album: Night Games
genre: Instrumental
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Full Moon Groovin'
01/08/12 12:48:29AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
I figured that since the Saints just beat the Lions in the first round of the playoffs about an hour ago, that this would be the perfect tune to check out. This track has a very happy, uplifting feeling to it - cool sounds coming out of that keyboard you got there. I like that swooshy guitar sound that comes in every so often. Fun tune here!
09/16/10 10:11:04AM @cooter:
LT, for me, everything you have here - in this tune, and the tunes on your Mixpo page that I've been lucky enough to listen to so far, absolutely delivers.

Beautiful work, LT!


Incarnate Word
03/06/10 12:30:01AM @incarnate-word:
I love the depth in this . it shows another personality of the Wolf. I love the trans fushion work on this . your sound is great. Wolf studios rock. excellent job man.
02/03/10 10:39:36AM @vesa:
Like the uplifting motion on this. Most enjoyable horn sound on the synth. FAB guitar that has almsot a bagpipe effect with it; very cool, as it soars and cascades down. Fine rhythm; most catchy...EXCELLENT playing, like the key changes. This has made my morning enlivened. Gotta love that organ. Very well arranged and simply original Larry.
DYNAMIC! -Your friend. -Vesa

01/27/10 06:36:56PM @mike-kohlgraf:
37 - 21 in favor of the Colts. Sorry, Larry! LOL!!!!!!

Anyway, great tune! Love it. Nice energy! On my show early on Saturday night!


01/25/10 05:18:21PM @star4mation:
Such a happy tune!! Love the way it bounces along!
Excellent :)

01/25/10 07:28:51AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Fair enough but Manchester United are out of the FA Cup. Interesting way to 'bang the drum.' Love the electric piano groove. Inspiring!!! ftlpope
Luca Wulf
10/18/10 11:02:12AM @huge-artist:
There is this chap I know,I don't know how but he has come to the opinion that I know and follow football (UK),and so...
Everytime he sees me in the street he will say something like:
"So what do you of Town then?"..
Which puts me in a very awkward position everytime as I know NOTHING about football whatsoever LOL

I'm not sure if "Saints" is american football or possibly basketball?
My son would know,he follows both.
Still,nothing detracts from the music :)

Very much an upbeat vibe,a celebration possibly?
As always the level of musicanship is flawless.
That main synth is keeping this piece moving along nicely.
VERY infectious piece,kind of sneaks up on you and you end up bopping along with it.

You know,equally I could imagine this piece as a "Game soundtrack",I do love my driving games,and this would go nicely :)

Excellent job Larry,never anything less from you.


01/25/10 10:21:55AM @bigpete:
Congrats to the Saints for making it to the Big Game for the first time, I can feel your anticipation, good luck.
02/04/10 06:08:54PM @hollie-sheard:
Great funky feel-good vibe from the first note! I particularly like the synth brass riffs and the distorted guitar. Great electric piano playing too!


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