Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

Worm Moon with Rich Lodato

album: single
genre: Rock
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  Song Lyrics
Under the Worm MoonUnder the Worm MoonUnder the Worm MoonUnder the moon Too many trees Can’t see the forest for themCan’t see the long and lonely pathI...
  Song Information
Wrote this tune with Rich Lodato's vocal prowess in mind...he came through.  I've done subsequent versions, but this is the original.  My music and lyric
Worm Moon with Rich Lodato
Michael Slider
08/08/21 08:13:37PM @slider:
Awesome song fellas !
07/30/21 11:39:28PM @moquinn:
Wow!!! OMG!!! heard this for the first time tonight & I had to crank it up ~ Rich's emotions are wound up so strongly in this I can feel them
a great collaboration @twank-whelan and @lodato

Farrell Jackson
07/28/21 10:08:14AM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent clab! Great music and lyric Twank and Rich's voice just soars!
07/28/21 07:21:46AM @ronbowes:
FabClab guys. Enjoyed the listen. Rich's vox are always top notch. Nice writing DJC ;-)
Queen Regina
07/27/21 05:57:42PM @queen-regina:
Wow. This is really greatly appreciated art. Love your vocals in this. I feel the mood. The moon delivers the moods. Under the moon, the Worm Moon. Great lyrics. It is a Massive Alive Ship. I've seen much activity into & out of the moon. It's very interesting . #QueenReginaPickHit The wormwood is controlling the Worm Moon. Really nice one here. I enjoyed start to finish.
07/27/21 05:36:12PM @lodato:
I totally enjoyed this tune. Lyrics just flew out since the full worm moon was out!


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