To Whom It May Concern

album: Uncaged--Originals
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 18

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Song about inner feelings and fears regarding new found affections.
To Whom It May Concern
12/18/17 12:07:35AM @uncaged:
Tricia C:
Oh my gracious!! So, so true... and it is what I am so terrified of too! When your ❤️ has been 💔 so much and for SO long.. it is SO risky and scary too to even put hope in your ❤️ again....I am indeed a ‘Lyric Junkie’ and truth is, I need to listen again as that’s where I was first time I listened, engrossing lyrics and didn’t really hear anything but that. Thank YOU for encouraging me to listen!

Thank you!!!

12/05/17 04:40:10PM @uncaged:
Thank you so much!
12/05/17 09:35:01AM @marc-morlock:
Heel Mooi , Warm & diep !! "Beautiful Inner Feelings"......love is all is there is


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