Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth and Rowley

Like Your Eyes

genre: Trance
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Like Your Eyes MP3 Song
Like Your Eyes
Warrioth  and Rowley
02/22/21 10:29:15PM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you Carol- Sue!!
carol sue
02/22/21 05:41:43AM @carol-sue:
Very nice slice of dance trance!
Sweet vibes in music! :) *****

Warrioth  and Rowley
02/21/21 12:28:51PM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you Ron B!!
02/21/21 06:39:38AM @ronbowes:
Wall of sound style on this. Another cool composition by the W&R pairing.
Warrioth  and Rowley
02/20/21 09:40:18AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you sooo much Wricky!!
02/20/21 09:27:48AM @wricky:
I hear some very soulful and harmonicly sweet vocal parts sneaking in here and there...I think yall are holding back on us , lol , good work ~cheers


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