Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth and Rowley

Kaleidoscope Vision

genre: Trance
streams: 33

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Kaleidoscope Vision Music- Warrioth and Rowley Lyrics - Kev McDermott
Kaleidoscope Vision
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/16/21 11:39:04AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you so much Bustert!!We love the 100 points!!
04/15/21 03:16:01PM @bustert:
very cool song with a lot of impressions! 100 points!!
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/09/21 07:22:11AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you @waveman !!!
04/07/21 08:37:59PM @waveman:
I'm liking the ambient production and the hypnotic mood of the voice, the big comfy chair was the place to be...brandy in hand
Warrioth  and Rowley
04/05/21 01:07:38AM @warrioth-rowley:
Thank you @stringking: @jimsae: @farrell-jackson: !!
04/02/21 08:27:06PM @stringking:
Nice sounds, dreamy atmosphere, voice speaks for itself.
Farrell Jackson
04/02/21 03:20:20PM @farrell-jackson:
I heard this on DJ Blackwater's show last night so I needed to hear it again. Very well done April and crew!


04/02/21 02:16:47PM @jimsae:
Great track, love this! Sets a nice spacey mood...


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