Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth  and  Rowley
Warrioth and Rowley


By Warrioth and Rowley, 2021-01-23

As there is not much in the way of live music,or music festivals in England,we decided to make up a virtual festival!!We kind of love the idea of Woodstock,and although this is a tad different,we hope you like what we have done.We made some of the videos ourselves and chose what artists we love!!So we did this on our web pages.So it was over three virtual days!!We have called the festival Rowleystock.!!


Day One


Day Two


Day Three


It was  fun to do!!

Thank you: - April C  Rowley

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Better Late Than Never!!

By Warrioth and Rowley, 2021-01-21
Better Late Than Never!!

Although we have been on here a while,we have uploaded our first two songs!!

Two Hot Summer Nights and Cave!!


You like?

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