2012 BC
2012 BC

When I Close My Eyes

genre: MRA2013
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When I Close my Eyes In this cold, dark, empty room I never thought this time would come so soon Is it all….just a dream It feels as though I’m in a...
When I Close My Eyes
03/25/18 10:42:15PM @moquinn:
Every time I hear this song I love it all over again
06/18/17 10:55:57PM @moquinn:
this song still remains strong thru the years ~ if one listens closely to the lyrics it touches my heart ~ heard it tonight for the first time on Barefoot Music AKA Toni's show ~ & it is just is so overpowering ~ have to share this gem
07/12/15 09:50:59PM @cooter:
Listening to this right now on the radio. What a killer tune. A pleasure seeing you in chat, too.
12/09/13 08:37:10AM @gary-hart:
You boys are solid as hell! Lovin the tunes! I'm gonna listen to another track! Sweet!!!


12/08/13 11:36:00PM @gene-smith:
Congrats on SOTW guys!
12/08/13 04:43:10PM @gene-smith:
I agree with Kit here, just pretty much a piece of awesome served on a plate with a side of amazing thrown in! Bravo guys!
12/08/13 04:57:43AM @kitmann:
Bruce and Craig, What one ass kicking, hard diving, deep, emotional song. Start with the lyrics and then when you all you instruments, vocals, and they way you present them in this song. My God I would rather listen to you play than any mainstream artist I can think of. I would pay to see you perform..Hell Yeah!!
Bravo my friends. Just a perfect song. When I listened to this on Gene's radio show I was just in Awe and was kinda hoping no one would chat so I could hear every note with out a ding...lol lol


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