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The Secret I’m walking on sand on the ashes of historyOn the people forgotten all their trials and mysteryOn the worlds of old where the future was...
Frank Northcutt
01/31/19 03:00:32PM @frank-northcutt:
Just sitting here, listening to one Atlantica track after another. I am so late to this party. This... this right here, is such a great example of musicianship, composition, songwriting, and production. And each song is sublime. Chris and Ron, your individual talents multiply when joined together. Brilliant work!
11/21/18 03:38:07PM @jerrywillard:
It's always a delight to listen to Chris. His vocals are always perfect. They shine in this and every song on this album! And what can I say about Ron? His skills on the axe are amazing! Such power passion and soul poured into every note. You are a badass Mr. Ron 😎
Love this and every song on this album! ✌🎸

06/25/18 08:13:57PM @cheryl-nye:
Beautiful! ....So hauntingly beautiful!...I wish you all the very best in continued success always! :) xo
06/03/18 04:35:30PM @wricky:
this song is stratospheric and thats aint no secret :) awesomeness in audio
05/07/18 12:11:38PM @cooter:
Gents, y'all rock. Such a joy listening to music so fine.
Farrell Jackson
05/07/18 09:36:03AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Atlantica (Ron and Chris), congratulations on having your song "Secrets" being selected as Mixposure's Song Of The Week! A well deserved honor! I like it when the SOTW is from a group or individual that gives to the site on an ongoing basis, such as Atlantica. In my opinion it's much than selecting a "driveby" song poster that we never hear from. Once again, a big congrats Ron and Chris for having your song recognized for it's awesomeness!

04/14/18 07:31:38PM @wricky:
I guess I missed this one while working so it was a nice surprise. You guys are on a roll and have possibly struck a vein of very rich musical ore, so keep on swingin' brothers! ~cheers!
04/08/18 11:48:00PM @renatedalva:
Peut-on imaginer un a capela, ta voix en apesanteur et projetée au monde ?
04/08/18 11:45:33PM @renatedalva:
Oh elle me fait pleurer celle-là qui parle des origines, tellement émouvante, en boucle dans mon casque Bose. Merci l'ami
04/08/18 06:51:54PM @david-c-deal:
My God Gentlemen! This song is so good in so many ways it feels overwhelming. That intro is spectacular. The lyrics absolutely blow me away. They are so poignant and relevant while being obscure enough to bypass simple ego reaction. The keyboard and guitars are more than good.. they.. I don't have words. Anyhow you guys have synchronized your souls musically and I can only imagine the good things to come. Proud to know you both.
04/08/18 06:40:26PM @tlt50:
Brilliant, breathtaking, extremely fascinating, with both your talents shining brightly in this epic track. Chris your vocals and lyrics are exceptional, along with your keyboard work.Ron, tasteful, soaring, and beautiful guitar excellence.The choices of synth sound(s) by both of you, along with the chord progression and arranging are incredible.And the great production qualities take the listener on a fabulous journey. Bravo gents.... :) *****

Larry T.

carol sue
04/08/18 12:53:58PM @carol-sue:
An epic masterpiece!
If two were ever meant to make music together, it would be you two!
Pure excellence~ Bravo!!

04/08/18 11:23:29AM @josephrodz:
Sounds great and love the mixing!
Farrell Jackson
04/08/18 10:24:32AM @farrell-jackson:
Fantastic Atlantica! Ron and Chris you guys have set the bar very high with this song......again fantastic musicianship and vocals!


Barefoot Music
04/08/18 09:43:31AM @barefoot-music-group:
Brilliant once again!
I love the ethereal feel and think this has a great message. Fabulous wordsmithing guys!

04/08/18 08:46:58AM @kephas:
Great job guys!
04/08/18 08:08:33AM @lodato:
Sometimes magic happens
04/08/18 08:04:26AM @avmo:
The true secret is that Atlantica is one of the best new bands out there. Well done Gentlemen, great new addition to the upcoming release. The only thing that throws me off is the final Piano chord...I think the Choir should still be there and they should both trail off as I find it a bit too stark. Just my opinion.
sly puppy
04/08/18 06:21:35AM @emocion:
Well thats a glorious intro absolutely thrilling build with the keys and soaring guitar lead just brilliantly done gentlemen.

A soft drop down for the verse abd i have to say the production is intense. Lovely piano choir combination and the chord structure is realky quite intoxicating they float together perfectly.
Theres is a sense of solemness flowing through the track a resignation.
Boom time guitar re enters - i will say that the level is spot on you guys are bedding together now. Theres no spot light just the shine of the song itself.
Its a grand track for sure with many great monents that lift it to a great hieght - Ron that top end work on the guitar is top top work dropping back into the piano and vocal sublime.
That choir really gives this track its togetherness and flow...

Striking end too !!

Whats not too like here its a fabulous example of musicianship songwriting and all that talent.

I will take my hat off to you both great work all around and probably the most compelling track so far from you both accomplished , imaginative and finely played throughout


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