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Only Human Heard your news and someone stole your strength awayYou know we’re only human some things are so hard to sayBut I I’ve never seen you clearerLike...
06/10/20 10:06:58AM @ozosborne:
cool Some very good musicianship here !!!
Gary Shukoski
06/04/20 04:45:36AM @gary-shukoski:
I know I'm way late to the game but I finally got a chance to really experience this whole project last week with some decent headphones while I was at work. I listened to all tracks many times and they are ALL amazing. This one, however, stands out as my favorite! I found myself stuck on this one, repeating it for maybe over a good hour or so. Very well done guys! Beautiful tune and very cool project! 🤘😎🤘
Farrell Jackson
05/06/18 05:54:00PM @farrell-jackson:
Some fine songs you two (Ron and Chris) are putting out! Atlantica is riding the top of the air waves at Mixposure right now so keep them coming fellas!


05/06/18 05:29:47PM @piyali:
I Love it!! What a team Ron and Chris! Chris's vocals are superb, he really out did himself with this song...fantastic! The music composition and production by Ron is beyond beautiful! Fabulous! Just fabulous! I love the lyrics! Very beautiful all around! Applause! Brilliant collaboration, yet again!
05/03/18 07:35:47PM @gary-hart:
What a team!! Everything you boys produce is never disappointing! Steller work gents!! Rock on!!
05/03/18 04:28:40AM @atlantica:
@8rum @dirtzilla @cheryl-nye @cooter @jimmydeanbrooks @kephas @tlt50 @michael-stone @lodato @jerrywillard @david-c-deal @emocion @moquinn @carol-sue Wow! Such incredible reactions to this song! Thank you so much, everyone, for listening and for your wonderful comments. We're writing songs that we both love to listen to, trying to push the bar just a little bit higher each time for the next one. The musical journey is amazing, and it's so good to have you all along with us for the ride. Thank you, from both of us 😜❤️😎
carol sue
05/02/18 07:25:53AM @carol-sue:
Hand in hand.. note for note.. and exceptional listen.
If two people were ever meant to make music together,
I'd say it would have to be the two of you. ~Bravo!!

04/30/18 10:17:21PM @moquinn:
is this the latest track of Atlantica ~ I am loving it all, every step of its' evolution ~ I look forward to being able to own the entire production ~ excellent collab Ron & Chris, I think there may be another musician involved in this production ...but, my gray matter is getting dusty
sly puppy
04/30/18 07:08:01PM @emocion:
Gentle entrance with great vocal and arrangement.
The low end bass when it enters is great a real clarity in its sound.The power drums crisp with compression adds another dynamic. The guitar that's behind this brings a subtle edge.

The coda is great again the heavy treatment on the drums works so well. Boom the guitar comes shining through. Great chord progression that allows the guitar to scream loud as its cascades upward.

A big bold sound and production the ending very ELO.

As far the production goes this is quality all the way around.
The playing is great as is the construction.

Another really well put together track gentlemen.

04/30/18 05:02:24PM @david-c-deal:
I made the below comment before I got to the central instrumental section. Man did that section soar!
04/30/18 05:01:19PM @david-c-deal:
Another Beautiful creation buy you both.
04/30/18 04:28:48PM @jerrywillard:
Wow this song is as good as it gets. Rarely do I listen once to a song, and say I'm hooked. This is one of those times. The entire perfection was a ten!
04/30/18 04:09:21PM @lodato:
Lovely big production. The vocal mic sounds great! Kudos!
04/30/18 03:27:37PM @tlt50:
Brilliant songwriting, incredible performance by both of you. :) Love the way the song builds and the changes, exceptional arranging with thought and care. Fantastic production...Awesome gents! :)

Larry T

04/30/18 02:57:23PM @kephas:
Powerful ballad! Great production and the performances are soulful.
Great work guys!!!

04/30/18 02:42:11PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Really Great Work! Bravo ‘n
04/30/18 01:12:09PM @cooter:
Beautifully done, gents. A mighty fine piece of music. Everything about this is top drawer! What a joy listening.
04/30/18 11:58:11AM @cheryl-nye:
04/30/18 11:22:58AM @dirtzilla:
Very strong production here. I really love a great track and this is one of them.
04/30/18 11:17:38AM @lorne-reid:
Nice work.


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