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Getting There Heard more goodbyes than helloesHad a bad time of them allLived my life in the shadowsMissed the pride before the fallCount my good times on...
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"GETTING THERE"   Brand New!!
Gary Dabrowski
01/16/19 09:31:32AM @gary-dabrowski:
I listened this morning...'it's a journey'......
09/17/18 08:50:45AM @piperon:
Usually, I don't like to compare a band with another but I am hearing kind of Pink Floyd's psychedelic music passion in this track. The lyrics is distinctively philosophical and mystical, I like what I am hearing but please don't drag to the hell. Hahaha!
09/16/18 11:36:17AM @jerrywillard:
Wow! This song I can relate to in real time. At this very moment. It was ment for me to hear at this point in time. Superb writing and vocals we're spot on. Music well refined and touching. The lead guitar work Ron was rich sweet and went down smooth. You guys are one hell of a team! Hat is off to you gents!😎
07/05/18 04:36:08PM @cheryl-nye:
Fabulous! ...Such a pleasure to listen to you! :) xo
07/03/18 06:13:32PM @tlt50:
Brilliant tune, lyrically, musically, and vocally. Tremendous songwriting IMO, this was well worth the wait. Superb production with attention to detail.WTG gents....another incredible track to add to the project...

Larry T.

Farrell Jackson
07/03/18 05:05:00PM @farrell-jackson:
A fantastic song and this new mix is right on the money! Great songwriting, great vocals, great guitar, and now a great mix.....what more can one ask for? Nice work Ron and Chris!
07/03/18 05:03:35PM @david-c-deal:
More fine work from you guys. Touches of Asia, Floyd and a little Ariels Attic and lots of Chris and Ron.
07/03/18 03:25:20PM @lorne-reid:
Wonderful on every level gentleman. Fits right in and elevates an already fabulous album full of well crafted and dynamic songs.
sly puppy
07/03/18 11:00:47AM @emocion:
Storytelling in a musical format ! Chris has always had that ability and this track is a great example.
The message inside this song is strong and works on different levels.

Musically this one is more complicated than it sounds.The construction is great lots of ebb and a great flow too.

Loved all the instruments and the levels musically are pretty spot on.

I’d lift the vocal forward though just a small amount !!

07/03/18 06:47:49AM @wricky:
hard to imagine something great getting better, but, baBam, here it is....hi 5's all around !
06/17/18 10:49:18AM @wricky:
Ive heard this quite a few times and a lot could be said about it as it is another well thought out song by yall. The transition around 2:30 still gets to me every time, softly emotive and powerful at the same time. And this aint even the final version ,so with what seems like a 6/8 beat and lots of counterpoint guitars roaming in and out it takes on a very positive,uplifting quality and in the end that is all that really matters. I think you guys may be an inspiration to all of us who want to put things together musically, so more power to you both~cheers!
Barefoot Music
06/10/18 04:28:48PM @barefoot-music-group:
So....each song in this project resonates with me, but...but...oh my....this lyrically is too close to home. Beautiful guys! I am in tears!
06/09/18 05:26:10PM @gary-hart:
This is fantastic gents! Love the melodies and stellar guitar work Ron! And Chris wonderful vocal work indeed! Top shelf!! 👍 👍
06/09/18 05:13:53PM @atlantica:
As it's the Mixstream Radio 10 Year Anniversary, we really wanted to share this track with you all.

Due to a disk crash, the final version is going to be a little longer coming than planned, but we thought you'd all like to hear what we've been up to this past month before we get the final version out in the next week or so... Thanks for listening!!!


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