Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Babylon Mystery Orchestra


album: Axis Of Evil
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 1,549

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ILLUMINATISidney Allen Johnson(A.S.C.A.P.)Secret cabals that rule the worldA prophetic curse you can't deterBohemian Grove chant Jah-Bul-On's nameStrike the...
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Who really rules the world...and why? A song of hidden agendas, secret societies and their "demon gods."   Into the Fire!
01/16/12 05:07:24AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
Great sound on the acoustic! I like the keyboards coming in. The lyrics are dark and deep. The vocals sound like you are portraying a character. An EVIL character? Oh the horror!!! Or, is that what THEY want us to think? The overall tune is very memorable and unique. Nice work!
07/31/08 08:52:35AM @tcp:
Great production and sound. Love all the instrumentation...just an excellent combination of acoustic, bass, drums and leads. The song is well thought out and tightly played. Really loved everything about it -- other I am not a fan of heavily processed vox as a rule. Very familiar with this subject thanks for getting this topic into the consciousness of people who hear it. Welcome man!! Really an excellent song!! ~Blake
07/31/08 12:51:50AM @vesa:
Love the classical sound with the radiating humming synth in the back...good guitar, very bright...fine orchestral piece. Fine solid guitar the suspenseful synth.Interesting story, mystical or true. Iluminati-"The secret society you speak of', kind of a surreal group. Quite a mystical atmosphere..could be a film track. Great percussion.
EXcellent. -Your friend. -Vesa.

Rob Grant
07/12/08 06:26:05PM @rayon-vert:
The song is cool, the story is.......not so cool......One, I fear may be true. In any event.......I really enjoyed the listen...this is a nice Power prog song with a great arrangement and production.

07/12/08 04:50:20PM @avalanche:
Howdy Babylon...

A subject matter that is dear to my heart...full of depressing truth.

The music is dark...and the demonic voice works on this. The orchestration is nicely done. Not regular listening fare for me...but it was pretty kewl.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

07/12/08 02:47:22PM @ked-records:
This composition goes deep from the start. A deep and ominous vocal starts to tell the story. The orchastration between the power elements and the "neo classical" feel meld with a crushing effect. This is one powerfull song message and all! The message in the lyric content is a labrinth of myth and possibility. Heavy tune indeed!


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