Gimme More

album: The Sound Of The Crow
genre: Pop
streams: 131

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Gimme MoreMusic + Lyrics ByBamil Gutiérrez Collado(Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAP©2017 All Rights Reserved) I think i've reached the pickof...
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Gimme MoreWritten, Arranged, Engineered And Produced ByBamil Gutiérrez Collado(Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAP©2017All Rights Reserved)
Gimme More
Bamil Music
09/05/17 08:23:37AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Moscato, Best wishes on your great music work. Cheers 👍🎸🎶🌞
09/05/17 12:51:16AM @moscato:
Thumbs Up Bamil. Cheers and all the Best for You. ;)
Bamil Music
09/03/17 03:16:20PM @bamil:
Thanks so much Chris for your comment, talking about the late Dan Hartman I always admired his music and comparisons with great creators in music mean that in someway we have had made our homework. Thanks you like my hit song 'Gimme More'. Cheers my friend!!!
09/03/17 02:22:46PM @chris-moore:
Bamil, this is a really good track... It made me think of Dan Hartman, which is a compliment, believe me! Love the energy and the rhythm, they went right to the bone while I was listening. I need to hear some more of your tunes! All the best, Chris
Bamil Music
08/30/17 03:39:31PM @bamil:
Thanks so much for your words Ron 👍🎸🎶🎧
08/30/17 03:22:57PM @ronbowes:
Well constructed pop song. Cool job Bamil
Bamil Music
08/30/17 10:40:26AM @bamil:
Thanks Tricia for your review, appreciate your words, have a wonderful day!!!
Bamil Music
08/30/17 10:39:09AM @bamil:
Thanks so much Mach for your words, really appreciate 'em. Have a wonderful day!!!
08/30/17 06:52:05AM @mach:
The first thing that grabs me is the excellent production. That intro is awesome. Very nice tune Bamil.



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