Do You Forget About Me?

album: Doors
genre: Pop Rock
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From The Album 'Doors' (Written, Arranged, Engineered And Produced By Bamil Gutiérrez ColladoSacred Healing Songs/ ASCAP©2019All Rights Reserved)
Do You Forget About Me?
Bamil Music
11/19/20 03:04:56PM @bamil:
Thanks so much @queen-regina for your beautiful words and comparison. Being growing up in a wonderful era like the 80's and have learned what i know about music from the greats of the era really make me feel better everytime i write and produce my music. It's my trademark and i love friends and people like you enjoy it. My respect and admiration to you and your music which is excellent.
Queen Regina
11/19/20 10:15:19AM @queen-regina:
You take me back to the 80s with a fresh spin on the love of the vibe. You are the #Hitmaker Bamil. You remind me of the Bee Gees. Love you Bamil. & I'd dont think anyone who knows your music will ever forget about you. "Are Ready for God about me" is what it sounds like you're saying. So I said a prayer to God about you. Blessings Bro.
Bamil Music
10/27/20 07:26:23PM @bamil:
I'll do, Thanks so much @carol-sue, always love your comments, stay safe
carol sue
10/27/20 07:02:14PM @carol-sue:
Keep making this great music, my friend! *****
Smooth delight to listen to. You're unforgettable, Bamil. :)


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