Carl Schonbeck
Carl Schonbeck

When You Get Old (Who Will Be There)

album: Coming Single
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 27

  Song Lyrics
When You Get Old     We, we all get older We, we all get older Your new teeth are certainly white Hair dyed red and your cheeks pulled tight Silicone...
  Song Information
Bluesy Rock number with a slight Country feel and tongue in cheek lyrics about a woman can't accept that it's time to settle down and her would-be suitor who...
When You Get Old (Who Will Be There)
06/02/19 04:40:30PM @cugel:
Great song writing skills on display - I like this a lot!
Carl Schonbeck
06/02/19 06:07:39AM @carl-schonbeck:
Thanks Ron, looking forward to checking out your stuff in the upcoming week man :-)
06/01/19 02:53:57PM @ronbowes:
This is cool. Love the feel of it and the production. Top marks!
Carl Schonbeck
06/01/19 07:29:33AM @carl-schonbeck:
Thanks very much Farrell I really appreciate you listening and taking the time to write that.....a great day to you! :-D
Farrell Jackson
05/31/19 11:20:47AM @farrell-jackson:
Nice one Carl. I love the rolling bass line, the melody and vocal harmonies. The words and music go well together. A tasty lead solo as well. Good stuff!



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