Carl Schonbeck
Carl Schonbeck

Perfectly Frank

album: Coming Single
genre: Blue Jazz
streams: 11

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Perfectly Frank   To be perfectly Frank, I need to wear a new hat Fedora cocked to one side, a sharp suit under that I'll make sure my trousers break, just...
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This is a swinging Jazz-Blues number that combines the desire to be like "Old Blue Eyes" with a love song for that special "chick" who seems like a throwback...
Perfectly Frank
Carl Schonbeck
10/10/19 02:13:50PM @carl-schonbeck:
Thanks very much Farrell, I really appreciate the comments and your taking the time to listen man!
Farrell Jackson
10/10/19 10:47:15AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a bit different from your normal style Carl. It definitely has that swing jazz flavor to it and I can a hear the old blue eyes' vibe here. It's cool to try different styles, nicely done! Good lyric also.



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