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The Jungle - Ft. Vic Kirkpatrick + Josephrodz

album: Josephrodz + Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 123
creation date: 2017-04-28

  Song Lyrics
"The Jungle" ~Go, go's~ Go to the jungleand swing from the treesDon't go to the dungeonthat's no place to beGo, go, goGo to the jungle...If you cover me in...
  Song Information
Was working on a new song... when later that day I heard Vic playing the blues on his guitar.Thought the lyrics I was working on would fit the blues concept,...
The Jungle - Ft. Vic Kirkpatrick + Josephrodz
carol sue
05/04/17 10:43:37AM @carol-sue:
Thank you, Brian!
So nice to see you all again. :)

05/04/17 02:49:12AM @self-tort:
Great work, Carol. Very cool song, with cute lyrics, great vocals, nice piano and a searing solo from Joseph. What more could you ask for. Well done to you all. Cheers, Brian
carol sue
05/03/17 10:32:41AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much, Maya Farrell, Mista-perez + Ron! :)
05/03/17 07:02:03AM @ronbowes:
This is just right on so many levels. Good collab. great vox Carol Sue. ;-)
Mista Perez
05/02/17 09:25:11AM @mista-perez:
bravo I am on the mix listening to this wonderful collab. Very nice. It's refreshing to hear a nice upbeat original song. Now i'm going to go to the jungle. :)
Farrell Jackson
05/01/17 11:19:00AM @farrell-jackson:
Well Carol Sue you know I dig the sound of the sixties and this totally has that vibe nailed down! I like the live sound of this mix also. Grace Slick comes to mind with your vocal styling here Carol and that's meant as a compliment! Kudos Carol Sue, Vic, and Joseph!


carol sue
04/30/17 01:27:27PM @carol-sue:
Thank you again for working with the song, Joseph... you did it again! :)
Thanks, Dace~ I've missed you all... no place like the jungle mix,lol!

04/29/17 04:03:54PM @josephrodz:
Great song and collab, you did it again!


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