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The angel's calling ~ft. Joseph

album: Josephrodz + Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 73
creation date: 2017-10-22

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Joseph had taken a little piano piece of mine~ redoing the music completely, and adding his magic. Thank you, my magical friend, for all the inspirations......
The angel's calling ~ft. Joseph
carol sue
05/17/18 08:05:47AM @carol-sue:
Thank you kindly for the wonderful comments!
@josephrodz ~ You brought life to my little piece of music,
and added all it's beauty. I love this.. thank you again!!

05/16/18 08:45:59AM @josephrodz:
Thanks Carol for upload this great song by you, I almost forgot about this piece on music.
Keep making awesome music!

12/31/17 02:58:13PM @ms-p:
Carol, this is really nice. Joseph did indeed work majik here.

I've not been here in a while and am glad, really glad to be back so I can listen to
muzik like this...Very Very Nice...

10/26/17 02:42:01PM @tlt50:
A most excellent listen. A very well written song. J-Bro is Da' man. Superb arrangement,performance and production. *****

Larry T

10/26/17 02:28:30PM @erne:
This is so very nice, Carol Sue. I enjoyed it. Twice even....I'll give a few more llistens just to be sure.
carol sue
10/26/17 07:53:42AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much, Bowes, David + Rich...
and another thank you going out to Joseph!

10/23/17 05:32:48AM @lodato:
This is so easy on the ears and quells dispare.
10/22/17 08:07:02PM @david-c-deal:
The keys set up the guitar entering so beautifully. Just soars Joseph.
10/22/17 11:34:43AM @ronbowes:
Lovely piece ;-)
carol sue
10/22/17 03:22:53AM @carol-sue:


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