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Kansas Sunshine~ Ft. Josephrodz + Ron Bowes

genre: angels
streams: 189
creation date: 2018-03-26

  Song Lyrics
"Kansas Sunshine" I can feel you everyday from a place so far from mine  How far could I go   if I never felt your heat    Somethings, are better left...
  Song Information
Song by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick~ Music, lyrics and vocals.   With special thanks to my two friends for their online contributions:   Instrument rendition,...
Kansas Sunshine~ Ft. Josephrodz + Ron Bowes
carol sue
04/12/18 07:30:32AM @carol-sue:
Love your comments~ @shane @lodato ~ thank you so much!

Sure loved doing this collaboration with two of Mixposure's finest!
They took my little song and shined some light on it.. so-to-say.
Thank you again, and again my friends! @josephrodz + @ronbowes
Shine on!

04/10/18 03:45:20PM @shane:
it is interesting how music created from the heart and talent and from the passion burning inside of musicians and music artists, succeeds like this number to generate an energy. It generates an atmosphere and emotion. Sounding electric and live here Carol, sounding good- on the wings of musiciand Joseph and Mr Bowes. My description here is driven by exactly what the music and song speaks at me.
04/07/18 02:52:31PM @lodato:
Wow wow and wow!
carol sue
04/03/18 07:48:49AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much, Rocker Hart!
Great to see you back at Mixposure!!

Shine on!!

04/02/18 12:14:48PM @gary-hart:
Awesome talent here! Great opener nice sounding acoustics and Carol Sue vox really shines! 👍 you can hear each different artists signature moves from Ron to Joseph leads...fantastic mix of talent and that's what it should be all about! 👍
carol sue
04/01/18 01:11:36PM @carol-sue:
Tricia C:
Always love Carol's vocals... and then the guitar instrumentation just adds to this too! I love the way the Bass comes in too! ;) Great collaboration to all and a bit of sunshine to my listening ears too!

@tricia-Crawford - I can see your comments now! :) Bless you!!
You're a ray of sunshine around Mixposure, Tricia~ thank you so much from all of us!!
Love your comments, especially now that I can see them! hehe..

Happy Easter~ Shine on!! :)

carol sue
03/31/18 02:17:25AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for stopping by~ lol, TV!
The likes of Bowes + Rodriguez... yes, many likes! :)
My total respect to those gentlemen, really an honor working with them!

Thank you kindly, Maya Farrell! ~and thank you Mixposure!

@the-truevulgarians and @farrell-jackson:)

Farrell Jackson
03/29/18 04:31:37PM @farrell-jackson:
A triple treat of 3 of my fav Mixposure rockers! Good stuff Carol Sue, Joseph and Ron Bowes!


03/27/18 10:32:14AM @the-truevulgarians:
Very nice Carol Sue... it's great to hear all of your new tracks of late, even if you are hanging out with the likes of Bowes and Rodriguez... lol
carol sue
03/26/18 08:11:38PM @carol-sue:
You all shine~ thank you so much for your sunny comments!
@josephrodz @tlt50 @ronbowes @catherine-hill @fungus-dace-yates + @ron-dadey :)

03/26/18 07:25:41PM @ron-dadey:
what a fun track.... very nice work my dear friends..... ;-)
03/26/18 06:00:02PM @catherine-hill:
It Rawks!!!
Great collaboration, well done guys!

03/26/18 05:49:25PM @ronbowes:
Thanks for asking me to join you and Joseph on this cool track. Enjoyed taking part.
03/26/18 04:00:48PM @tlt50:
Fantastic collab', lots of talents in this track. :) Great lyrics and vocals Carol Sue. Feel good listen...
AwwwwOoooooooSOME !!~!

03/26/18 03:52:44PM @josephrodz:
Thanks for belive in my little talent!


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