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I Am Me - Ft. Josephrodz (circa 2010)

album: Josephrodz + Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 98

  Song Lyrics
"I Am Me"  Walked by the mirror, my reflections changing  I'm getting older and I'm feeling stranger.   I am, who I am, and I'll be who I'll be    and I'll...
  Song Information
2001 Music, lyrics & vocal by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.     2010 - Music make-over, Production, and all Instruments performed by Joseph Rodriguez!...
I Am Me - Ft. Josephrodz (circa 2010)
carol sue
06/09/18 11:14:56PM @carol-sue:
@josephrodz ~ Yeah baby!! ;)
((Happy 10th Mixposure))

06/05/18 08:46:33AM @josephrodz:
This song really Kikazz like an 80' glam rock band.
Carol you need to write more tunes like this, it fits you like a glove.

carol sue
05/30/18 07:05:32AM @carol-sue:
Kindly, we thank you all so much for listening
and sharing your nice thoughts here!

@josephrodz for all the years of wonderful music collaborations,
I thank you once again! ((Bless you))

05/28/18 04:14:29PM @rs-cain:
Love this! It's radio ready! Great collab by two great artists. Joseph's killer guitar and Carol Sue's great voice and lyrics!
05/26/18 06:52:49PM @david-c-deal:
This version sounds GREAT!
05/26/18 03:27:13PM @tlt50:
Dance on...............and rock on. :) Fabulous collab Carol Sue and J-Bro.Carol great lyrics and vocals. You are a beautiful soul and you're like a fine it's all good!!!


Farrell Jackson
05/26/18 11:29:21AM @farrell-jackson:
Loved it then and I love it now!!!!!!!!!!! Good, good, good Carol Sue and Joseph!


05/26/18 09:53:08AM @lorne-reid:
Cool Track! Tell it like it is!!! Stay you!!! It's working.
05/26/18 09:08:33AM @ronbowes:
Great rocker! Super collab by two super talents.


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