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Highway To Rock~ ft. Gary-Rocker Hart

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 87
creation date: 2019-01-01

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Happy New Year!  Presenting this first rockin' tune of the year 2019!    Music, production and song poster by Gary~ Rocker Hart!     Lyrics and vocals by...
Highway To Rock~ ft. Gary-Rocker Hart
carol sue
01/13/19 10:01:58AM @carol-sue:
Thank you once again @shane !!
You're someone wonderful, you know that! ✌️😍

An honor doing another tune with Gary! 😎 @gary-hart
Thanks again my friend!

Happy New Year everyone!!

01/09/19 12:42:37PM @shane:
well, wow! a lovely number here Carol ! . I'm really glad i finally got time to come and listen. Gary's guitar play here is major excellent. top top likes for the groove and dynamic of the guitar composition here. Love Mr Hart. ! Carol ,GREAT fun job there girl !. Some fine vocal innovations and , just , being at one with the music. Beinmg part of the engine of passion , bursting from your heart in lyric expression . Nice sound of your voice and the dramatic impact of your singing and lyrics.
hhhm,, gotta here that again now.

carol sue
01/07/19 01:01:57PM @carol-sue:
A big round of thanks for listening and sharing your wonderful thoughts!
Thanks @wricky, @farrell-jackson, @ronbowes ~ and of course, a huge thanks going out to
Rocker Hart @gary-hart for this very cool collaboration! Thanks for letting me join-in!
Happy New Year, my friends! 😎

01/05/19 11:40:06AM @wricky:
excellent guitar wall backing this all up , top notch vocal mix , another win ,rock forth and yep,that is a clever title as well ~cheers!
Farrell Jackson
01/03/19 08:56:32PM @farrell-jackson:
Some fine guitar/music Gary and some fine vocals Carol Sue!


carol sue
01/02/19 07:01:25AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for visiting with your flashlight @ronbowes !! hehe...
Happy New Year! :)

01/01/19 02:09:31PM @ronbowes:
Darker sound for you Carol Sue. Dictated by Rocker's darker side. A progressive move into the new year, Cool track both of you.


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