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carol sue
carol sue

ALL THE ANGER ft~ Joseph Rodriguez' guitar lead!

album: Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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ALL THE ANGER He's a bad man, mad man.. he's a sad man.He's a bad man, mad man.. he's a sad man.To hell -with the silence - Hate goodbyes...I've always said...
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Might not be everyone's "cup of tea" ~it's risky to take a shot at something hard. ::cheers::  Music, lyrics and vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. CsK...
ALL THE ANGER ft~ Joseph Rodriguez' guitar lead!
carol sue
02/11/19 07:09:16AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much, Tony Cee!
About as sweet as a comment can be, thank you! :)


tony cee
02/10/19 02:18:34PM @tony-cee:
wow this is superb carol , great mix super vocals . going for another listen ,......fantastic …….tony cee
carol sue
02/10/19 10:01:37AM @carol-sue:
Thank you very much @joycespencer !! :)
02/08/19 05:10:47PM @joycespencer:
Wow!!!! This song really rocks ---and it just keep getting better 'till the end.
carol sue
02/08/19 04:20:05PM @carol-sue:
Y 'all made my day, thanks so much!! :) Had fun experimenting!

and of course... @josephrodz ! :)

Gary Dabrowski
02/07/19 06:52:14PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great Carol Sue!...
02/07/19 06:39:28PM @gary-hart:
Light this stuff up CSK!! Very proud to see you cranking your own tracks!! Woohoo!! Go Carol Go!! Go Carol Go! I'm a fan!! 😈 excellent that you are stepping out of the comfort zone!! Rock it Girl!! 👍
02/07/19 03:32:04PM @tlt50:
Well done Carol Sue. Superbly arranged and produced track... Enjoy the journey and let the music flow.


02/07/19 03:30:36PM @ronbowes:
Rock on CS! Rocking groove. Great vox and cool axe work from the maestro JR!
carol sue
02/07/19 02:33:32PM @carol-sue:
Then why do I feel so nervous? lol!!
Thank you, spacebud.. that means a lot.

You got it Carol!

02/07/19 01:47:37PM @david-c-deal:
You got it Carol!
carol sue
02/07/19 01:12:12PM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Thank you so very much~ @josephrodz

Much appreciated, @lorne-reid~ It will take me years to catch up to the musical talents that you guys hold so naturally tight! ;)

02/07/19 01:11:46PM @lorne-reid:
Got yer groove machine going on this one Carol!!! Right on!!!
02/07/19 01:08:16PM @josephrodz:
Congrats Carol I see that you are progressing in making your own music, go ahead and good luck.
allways at your service!


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