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You're The One~ ft. Tony Cee

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 108
creation date: 2019-03-05

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"You're The One"  Baby, baby.. what has happened to me.  Lately, lately.. just as shy as I can be.    Take me, take me - To a place I've never been    Wake...
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Really enjoy seeing Tony Cee here at Mixposure. Sharing his wonderful music and kindness towards others.   I got the courage to ask Tony if he had a piece...
You're The One~ ft. Tony Cee
carol sue
03/18/19 05:31:47PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much @gary-dabrowski
Sure enjoy listening to your music too!
Appreciate the visit my friend. :)

Gary Dabrowski
03/17/19 12:44:59PM @gary-dabrowski:
great song and well done!...
carol sue
03/13/19 07:28:27AM @carol-sue:
Thank you! Sure appreciate your visit, Frank!
You're a 5 star Mixposure member!! *****
Thanks again @tony-cee loved doing this tune with you!

Frank Northcutt
03/11/19 01:28:25PM @frank-northcutt:
Nice work, Carol Sue and Tony. Good funky blues feel and plaintive lyric and delivery.
carol sue
03/11/19 08:46:04AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for your very nice comment on our song!

03/10/19 11:58:22AM @tre-main:
I’m over here groovin’ to this little diddy. I think I hear a little Pink Floyd influence which immediately perked my ears up. 😆 keep Rockin the block.
carol sue
03/10/19 10:00:03AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much, Maya~ @farrell-jackson !!
I see a new tune from you that I'll have to go listen to~ sure to be a goodie!
Great picture of you in that Mixposure T-shirt, Btw! Curious what year that was made..
and when Todd will make some new ones! :) Have a blessed day! :)

Farrell Jackson
03/07/19 11:01:35AM @farrell-jackson:
A sweet slice of blues Carol and Tony...well done on this collab!


carol sue
03/07/19 07:11:27AM @carol-sue:
So happy for your visits, thanks so much! ✌️😍

@tony-cee Sure enjoyed making this song with you, love your music.. thank you again! :)

03/06/19 12:42:59PM @ronbowes:
Nice and bluesy with a funky feel. Great vox Carol Sue. Great music TC.
03/06/19 12:01:21PM @gary-hart:
Right on!! Very cool vibe going on...great guitars tone Tony and production! Carol awesome vocal work! This fit you very well! 🤘
Paul rainbird
03/06/19 03:43:10AM @paul-rainbird:
Nice one Carol Sue and Tony like it a lot
Well done!😎

03/05/19 10:47:42PM @tlt50:
This is a fantastic collab. You two mesh nicely......and have created some awesome music. Well done Carol Sue and Tony Cee. :) ******


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