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You Drive Me Mad With Your Love ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 116
creation date: 2019-03-18

  Song Lyrics
"You Drive Me Mad With Your Love"  You Drive Me Mad With Your Love  Tell the angels above.. Take this heartache away..   You Drive Me Mad With Your Love....
  Song Information
2019 Music, production and a rare vocal appearance from Mike Kohlgraf!  Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. We thank you if you're listening!    
You Drive Me Mad With Your Love ~ft. Mike Kohlgraf
carol sue
05/05/20 08:26:33AM @carol-sue:
Welcome back @digger-stone
Thanks for visiting, listening + commenting..
I'll hold on to the good things you said!
Stay well, talented + blessed my friend. :)

05/04/20 11:24:37PM @digger-stone:
You have a beautiful voice. You're a really good songwriter. Why are you covering it up with all of those effects.
I love this with you singing on it. But there's too much effects. Just being honest, it's a beautiful song.

carol sue
03/25/19 09:13:30AM @carol-sue:
From rock 'n roll to this softer side. ::sigh::
Variety in music.. just my cup of tea.. and the spice to life.

Thanks for listening!
@tony-cee - sorry to hear you had trouble commenting. Thanks for your diligence and support!
@tlt50 - Bless you~awooo!

tony cee
03/24/19 04:22:05PM @tony-cee:
carol sue sorry about the amount of comments , but for some reason ,it wasn't working at all this end , thanks tony cee
tony cee
03/24/19 04:01:21PM @tony-cee:
fantastic vocals , carol sue , and lyrics , great guitar work and backing mike , … it …….cheers …..tony cee
03/19/19 02:51:36PM @tlt50:
I could hear how much you were into this song, Carol Sue. Heartfelt lyrics and vocals. Mike added an interesting chord progression, with some great musicianship and production. Another fine song you two.
Larry T.

carol sue
03/19/19 07:10:25AM @carol-sue:
@ronbowes ~thanks for listening and for your support.
Over the years I've enjoyed listening and commenting on so much of the artists music here.
Thanks Mixposure~ Stay blessed and keep making that great indie music!!

Much love,
Carol Sue

03/18/19 07:16:04PM @ronbowes:
Really cool vocals Kirkpatrick. Top drawer. ;-) and Mike provides the perfect musical backdrop. :-)
carol sue
03/18/19 11:22:34AM @carol-sue:
Really enjoy singing this style of music and so much appreciate your nice visit, Jimmy!
@jimmydeanbrooks ~heading over to your page now.. sure to be an excellent listen! :)
::waves @ mike-kohlgraf .. Jimmy you had mentioned recently that you missed the Metal Master Show.. (me too) Do you remember Mike's Dj show from years ago? Saturday Night Rocks.. if I remember correctly. Love all the shows here at Mixposure! Thanks too all the Dj's~ you all rock this place!!

03/18/19 10:32:48AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Really Great Song Carol And Mike !!


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