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OH.. Ft~ Ron Bowes / pArtners In cRhyme

album: Partners In cRhyme Production (2)
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 152
creation date: 2019-04-05

  Song Lyrics
OH...  You think you've got me where you want me  You think I'm hanging on by a string   I'll tip my hat to the next person    That makes me feel...
  Song Information
Music, backup vocals + production by Ron Bowes. Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick  A pArnter's In cRhyme Production!
OH.. Ft~ Ron Bowes / pArtners In cRhyme
carol sue
04/10/19 07:41:45AM @carol-sue:
Appreciate your visit @paul-rainbird! :)
Thank you all for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts.
I'll try to stop by your music pages soon!

@ronbowes - Ditto!
Rockin' great music and super cool video~ loved being part of this with you..
Thank you again, pArtner In cRhyme! ✌️😍

Paul rainbird
04/08/19 10:21:33AM @paul-rainbird:
Nice Job ! Great vocals and choppy
Guitar riff . Keep em coming 😎

04/07/19 05:04:02PM @ronbowes:
Loved putting this one together with you Kirkpatrick. Thanks to @josephrodz @gary-dabrowski @blacksxord @farrell-jackson and @tlt50
carol sue
04/07/19 04:34:23AM @carol-sue:
Counting my blessings.. in all of you.
Thanks so much, my friends!
Loved rockin' this with you @ronbowes

04/06/19 12:00:30PM @tlt50:
A hard chargin' rocker......(more cowbell lol) great songwriting with some sweet vocals and the music to match. Kick-ass track you two!

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
04/06/19 10:18:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Another cool rocker from pArtners In cRhyme ! Well done Cuz and Carol Sue!
Gary Dabrowski
04/06/19 09:19:04AM @gary-dabrowski:
'hard as a rock'...nice raunchy rocker you two...
04/06/19 09:14:35AM @blacksxord:
Took this for another spin!~ Well done to the both of you!
Keep crankin out these great tracks! :)

04/06/19 07:56:31AM @josephrodz:
Rock, rock & more rock!!!!
you guys makes a perfect pArtners In cRhyme


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