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Slipping away ~ft. Rayon Vert - 2012

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 58
creation date: 2019-06-28

  Song Lyrics
"Slipping Away" On the outside looking in I see him all alone  living in a world, a lonely world   his heart made of stone      I can feel you, slipping...
  Song Information
2012 Music and lyrics by Doctor C & Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.    Gary Carciello - guitars.  Rob Grant - bass.   Doctor C - keyboards.    Carol Sue...
Slipping away ~ft. Rayon Vert - 2012
carol sue
07/03/19 07:41:04AM @carol-sue:
Thank you very much! @tony-cee + @dirtzilla

07/02/19 10:39:07AM @dirtzilla:
You never disappoint with your tracks, I really enjoy your music.
tony cee
06/30/19 12:10:22PM @tony-cee:
great track super production , fantastic lyrics and vocals carol sue , great backing from rayon vert , super song worth another listen …...cheers tony cee
carol sue
06/30/19 10:26:12AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much @farrell-jackson ~ I adore your performance in this!
Appreciate your visit @lorne-reid Thank you! :)

Farrell Jackson
06/28/19 05:20:17PM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah I remember this jewel from 2012 Carol Sue....sounds as great now as it did then! Excellent words and vocal CS.


06/28/19 04:57:25PM @lorne-reid:
Slick Track!! Whole world of textures and groove!!
carol sue
06/28/19 01:12:52PM @carol-sue:
Means a lot that you think so, thanks so much @ronbowes! :)
Only tune I have with Farrell Jackson on board! Quite the honor to have collaborated with all of Rayon Vert! Thanks again for listening to this 2012 flashback!

06/28/19 12:23:18PM @ronbowes:
Top notch track. Kudos to all concerned!


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