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Still Waters ~ft. Ron Bowes

album: pArtners In cRhyme ProDuction
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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"Still Waters"  Going down to the river. Going down to the river.  Pay my respects- to someone- more than a friend.   Ashes to ashes.. the tide carried...
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Please have a listen!   Your comments mean a lot to us, and we thank you for visiting!   Always enjoy visiting you, too~ blessings!   2019 Partner In...
Still Waters ~ft. Ron Bowes
carol sue
10/21/19 02:34:44PM @carol-sue:
You created such a great piece of music!
Very special to me, I thank you once again.
Bravo to you, my friend~ @ronbowes! ;)

10/21/19 07:20:50AM @ronbowes:
You turned this piece of music into a beautiful meaningful song Kirkpatrick. WTG ;-) ...and thanks everyone for the kind feedback.
carol sue
07/16/19 07:37:43AM @carol-sue:
Very kind, we thank you so much for listening and for your nice comments!
@freudian-slip + @piyali :)

07/13/19 02:49:52AM @freudian-slip:
Great song but really love those vox. It's a really unique voice and something that will stay with me. Nice production and clarity in the mix. Love it!
07/10/19 02:47:33PM @piyali:
I love this song too dear Carol, lovely lyrics and great guitar and music from Ron! Excellent collaboration, my favorite song from you. My love and respect to you and Ron.
carol sue
07/10/19 07:43:22AM @carol-sue:
Sure appreciate all the kind visits! I'll try to return soon to listen to your music as well!
@chris-moore, @lorne-reid, @farrell-jackson, @paul-rainbird, @jimmydeanbrooks
Thank you once again for this song collaboration, @ronbowes~ I adore this music you have created!

07/09/19 02:29:07PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Such A Beautiful Song ! Bravo!
Paul rainbird
07/09/19 03:32:58AM @paul-rainbird:
Great vocal performance Carol Sue
I really like the production some tasty guitar work from Ron ......Nice😎

Farrell Jackson
07/08/19 06:56:11PM @farrell-jackson:
Some fine and moving lyric and vocals Carol Sue! Excellent music cuz Ron......and very good mixed with parts placed perfectly while still moving around.
07/08/19 02:00:06PM @lorne-reid:
Love it! Well woven and performed song partners.
07/08/19 01:19:11PM @chris-moore:
Beautiful, deep lyrics, as deep as the water, and lots of emotion in that vocal. Mr Bowes has reined himself back for this one! Very nice job, you guys 👍


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