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Secret place ~ft. Josephrodz

album: Collaborations
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  Song Lyrics
"Secret Place"   Every now and then there's my secret place.  Every now and then I need some time and space.   Do not think that I don't love you anymore....
  Song Information
Story behind the music...     I had wrote this song years ago.. then a few years later I had sent Joseph a demo. He kindly re-made the music for me.    If I...
Secret place ~ft. Josephrodz
Gary Dabrowski
11/22/19 01:40:20PM @gary-dabrowski:
I like this one!...great groove/lyric/vocal/musicianship...
carol sue
11/01/19 08:53:36AM @carol-sue:
Thank you very much @freudian-slip :)
I'll turn on the download for a while if you'd like a copy.

Sure appreciate you all visiting! @ronbowes @farrell-jackson @tony-cee
Another shout-out of thanks @josephrodz for working with this song!
Stay blessed my friends and keep making music.. I love to listen to you all!

tony cee
10/31/19 05:20:37PM @tony-cee:
fantastic song carol sue , brilliant lyrics and vocals , superb backing from joseph , and love the beat , really like this worth another listen , thumbs up from me , ..... cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
10/31/19 09:42:04AM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent vocal performance and writing Carol Sue! Joseph put together a great backing track for this song and his guitar work always shines.


10/31/19 07:35:05AM @ronbowes:
Great groove and great vocals. Cool clab. Thanks for sharing. ;-)
10/31/19 05:27:35AM @freudian-slip:
That's a nice one Carol-Sue. The rhythm is great and that guitar is very sweet. Great job on the vocals and I have to say the lyrics really strike a chord with me. Really taken with this track. Excellent!!
If there's anywhere I can get hold of this............ :)


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